The Best University Videos in 2017 worldwide

September 26, 2017
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Looking for inspiration for your next video project?  At Creativa we know that it can take hours of research to find inspiration for your next video marketing campaign.  So we’ve done the hard work for you.

I’ve scoured the internet looking for videos produced by universities to inspire you to think outside the box.  Here are my favourites:

Coming in first place is “That’s why I chose Yale”, from Yale University.  With over 2 million views it is the frontrunner in terms of engagement and stickiness.
This ‘over-the-top’ musical was written by Yale students to showcase everything the university has to offer. As you will see, it’s fun, engaging and makes you smile.

Our only criticism would be that the video is really really long, we think too long, but what do you think

The University of Rochester clearly liked the idea as you will see in this next video.  They’ve used the same approach but rapped their message.  Even with only 200,000 views, it’s still a fun way to pitch your university to prospective students.

Out of the hundreds of videos Mariana watched, the following video came in second place.  Unlike the Yale video that focuses on fun, the Cambridge University video is highly emotive and focuses on inspiration and stirring a student’s intrinsic motivation to succeed.

We love this video because it combines stunning cinematography with animation to create a powerful engaging message.

It made me want to sign up, how about you?

Our next choice is a great example of ‘influencer‘ video.  Filmed by students (aka expert content creators) with a bit of professional editing, this student testimonial video from Arizona State University is fun, low budget, authentic and unstaged.

Across the globe, universities are at the forefront of video marketing when it comes to education videos. From high-end through to simple, low-budget productions by students, it was clear that video is a priority for universities because it works.

Interestingly, our research challenged one of our assumptions.  We believe that one of the challenges universities were facing in regard to video marketing was coming up with content ideas. This is definitely not the case. Universities cleverly draw on their internal ‘content creation experts’ to keep the funnel full.  

What we did uncover is that the key ingredient missing in the videos was uniqueness, that ‘stand-out’, WOW factor. It’s clear why the Yale video got so many views, it was because it had that WOW factor, it was new, fresh and fun.   

So the challenge for universities now as they continue to gain video marketing maturity is not what-to-produce, you’ve got that covered, but how can you produce something that has a resounding impact, is unique, and stands out making the viewers go WOW, “I have to be part of that!”.

Happy producing!

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