Our pick for video of the week – 'Epuron – The Power of Wind'

February 18, 2015
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We all love a good viral video and we share one with you this week that is not new, but at almost 4 million YouTube views, this video has hit the nail on the head through clever advertising that is disguised as an intriguing story about a sad, strange giant man.
The ad “The Power of Wind”- Nordpol + hamburg was produced several years ago by energy company Epuron and won a ‘Gold Lion’ for Creativity in the 54th edition of the Cannes International Advertising Awards in 2008.
The video is a fantastic example of letting the core idea of a video wander into concepts that perhaps wouldn’t normally be considered.
Blog 7 image 1In this video we see the classic comedy technique of personification of an object used to gain interest. The production company captures and maintains the attention of the audience by creating a “what the heck is this guy doing?” theme, having him doing outrageous acts of harassment, provocation and just being a general nuisance. Blog 7 Image 2 Blog 7 image 3
Tension builds, all the while we’re thinking “how is he getting away with this?!?” up until the final reveal:

“The Wind. Let’s put his energy to good use”.

This is when we realise (if some smart cookies haven’t twigged already) that this man is portraying a caricature of the wind. It’s the kind of video that demands a re-watch. Now that you know who the character is, you can laugh along with the great impersonation and observations the actor is making.
This is the key to creating great videos; leaving a lasting impression which keeps you thinking about the message of the video, long after you’ve finished watching it. There is a real joy as an audience member in seeing a comedy technique such as this played out well, and it drives you to voluntarily share this experience with your friends. Enjoy!

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