Producing Videos For Things That Don't Yet Exist

March 15, 2014
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Myth: You can’t produce a video for something that doesn’t yet exist.. right?
Answer: Wrong.
It so happens that videos are produced all the time for things that don’t yet exist and most people never notice.
Why produce a video for something that doesn’t yet exist?
There are many reasons, some of which I’ve listed below.

  • Tight timing between product development & product launch
  • Market testing a new product
  • Promotional or teaser campaign for launch of new product/service/plant
  • Want to generate sales/market interest before a product/service is launched

All these reasons have one thing in common. They all give brands a competitive edge which can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure.

Hydraplay are a Melbourne based company who recently developed a range of multi-purpose drink bottles. They wanted a video to promote the drink bottles but had one little problem. The drink bottles didn’t actually exist yet. The design was finalised, production was scheduled but there was no physical product, all they had was high quality, 3D animations. But why let this detail stop you from promoting and even SELLING your product. Thats right, using this video Hydraplay were able to take advance orders for their drink bottle enabling them to generate bonus income before the product was launched.
Apps- Alphatise

Apps- The Last Stock

If you work in the tech industry you will know that wherever you go people always want to share their ideas for the next big app. But if you are really serious, whats the next step? Do you get a team of programmers together, get a big loan from the bank or investors and start making something you aren’t actually sure people will want? Forgetting that unless you can showcase your idea professionally your unlikely to secure investment, it can be a costly exercise to build prototypes and beta versions without knowing there is a demand for what you are doing.
By producing a cleverly made video as both Alphatise & The Last Stock have done for their app prototypes, they were able to give a clear, professional, high level explanation of how their apps will work giving them the opportunity to get critical constructive feedback, establish a demand for the app and showcase the concept to investors before launching in to development.

This video was produced to promote Hannaprint’s enormous new printing plant in Sydney and believe it or not it was produced before the plant was even finished!
By clever use of plans, sketches and existing parts of the printing plant, they were able to produce a video that would not leave any viewer thinking the plant was not even complete.
With the enormous costs in setting up a printing plant of this size it is important to drum-up increased business as soon as possible and this promotional 2 minute video enabled them to successfully do this.
So what’s the wait?
If you’ve been thinking you need to produce a video for a new product, service, giant printing press, or whatever else requires an explainer or promotional style video, perhaps take the time to think. Is it possible to produce the video now?The big advantage is of course that in today’s ultra competitive landscape the sooner you are able to generate interest and sales in your product, the bigger advantage you will have.

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