R.I.P About Us Pages – Introducing, the About Us Video!

June 10, 2014
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It may surprise you to know but usually, the ‘About’ page on a businesses website is often the second most visited page on the site but usually has lower than average engagement. This is because the average About Us page is just a wall of text – dull, full of business speak, and looong. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a generic photo or two. How many people do you think will actually sit through and read it? If you’ve guessed anything near 0, you’re correct.
So most businesses are in fact not leveraging this huge opportunity to engage with potential customers right in the beginning when first impressions are being formed.

So how do you make your About Us page something worth visiting, rather than just an add-on to your website? The answer: the About Us video. It’s an excellent strategy to actually engage visitors, sell them your brand and products, as well as a wide range of other implementations. Let’s have a look at how you can leverage videos to get more customers and a couple of examples to get your creative juices flowing.

For Customers
One of the most effective ways of setting up an About Us video is by focusing on past clients. Prospective customers don’t want to see you tooting your own horn, but would rather see real testimonials from others just like them. And don’t structure it like a traditional infomercial with fake reviews – visit the real deal, preferably onsite.
Second, get staff involved. Have them show how they served clients if possible, in addition to speaking about the company and why they’re passionate about what they do. This will create a bond between client and company, showing that there are real faces and not just some corporate spiel.

For Would-be (and Existing) Employees
The mistake many business owners make is assuming that the About Us page is just for selling to potential clients. But making sure you recruit the best of the best means you also need to sell to future employees. Not only that, having an effective video that properly explains what you stand for will also filter those who don’t quite fit your company.

Your About Us video will also help your current employees. It will give them a quick and easy overview of your company, allowing them to succinctly grasp what you’re all about. This gives them a voice to articulate your message in the marketplace, which is great for organic networking and growth. Strengthening your brand in this way is a great little bonus.

The About Us of Huge Online Marketing Agency

About us video. from Huge on Vimeo.
This About Us video is a shining beacon that serves as a great example to digital agencies. It’s quirky but professional, has personality but remains serious about the work, and serves a great reflection of the brand the company is trying to push forward: a creative group of people that work hard, don’t take themselves too seriously, deliver results, and use a dash of creativity with every product they produce. This is a brilliant tool for the HR department.

The Lego About Us

Instead of serving a boring history lesson to mark the company’s 80th anniversary, visitors get a heart-warming video that tracks Lego from inception to the present day. It has a beautiful soundtrack, fantastic use of rendering and animation software, all coming together to form a memorable piece that’s worth watching from beginning to end.

The About Us of Common Craft

Common Craft are well known to most in our industry. They make great explainer videos; similar to the ones we produce in fact! In just under 7 minutes, Common Craft explains a complex idea quickly, comprehensively, and without fluff. And that’s a good thing, because that’s exactly what their core product is too. The company uses a good mix of creativity and showing off the people behind the company to give personality to the brand.

Inside Coca-Cola
This is one of the most creative corporate marketing stunts we’ve seen and while not strictly an About Us video, it does show how a ‘big name brand’ can add a little humour and playfulness to the inner workings of a large enterprise. The video was massively successful, its clear tongue-in-cheek nature building rapport with consumers while at the same time pushing the company message.

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