Remote Learning Resources You Can Make With Video

Ewan Roxburgh
September 11, 2020
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Videos make great remote learning resources as we work and study at home. Keeping staff and students engaged as they work and study remotely can be quite a challenge, but video material can help.

Amidst the current global COVID pandemic, everyone from employers, students, teachers and parents have been grappling with the joys of remote work and education. Zoom calls don’t always cut it and keeping everyone focused can be arduous. The parents of little ones have come to appreciate just how hard teachers have it. This video from Google really sums it up…



But life can be made that little bit easier with digital remote learning resources, especially video made specifically for engaging, entertaining tuition. 

Here’s some ways video makes excellent remote learning resources.


Remote Learning Resources You Can Make With Video


Live Streams


In many ways, every Zoom call is it’s own a live stream. Presenting to an audience, delivering a lecture, sharing your screen, that’s all a live stream is. Universities have been delivering lectures this way to students that can’t make it to campus for years.

Granted, their basic, often just using the tools provided to you by Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, Google Meet and the like, but these tools are improving by the minute at the moment



Google’s got a stack of great remote learning resources, including live streams they’re creating with partners on YouTube. They’ve also set up a brilliant guide on how to use their tools for online learning, including how to organise and record your own live streams. 

If you’re after something fancier — maybe for a more major event then an everyday class — all you need to do is to speak with some video professionals. With their help, the quality of your footage can be greatly improved, complete with graphics, sound effects, interactive elements and the like.


Learning Management Systems


Learning management systems (LMS), software applications containing educational or training programs, are another fantastic remote learning resource. They’re proven to be very effective, allowing content and interactive elements do the heavy lifting in creating memorable experiences for students and trainees. 

Unfortunately, there’s a bit involved in getting them setup. A number of platforms are available to put one together assuming you’ve got the time and content to populate it.

Here at Creativa, we’ve worked with a number of clients in helping them produce video content for their LMS. Most recently, we were awarded for the work we did with Court Services Victoria, creating interactive videos as a training resource for professionals working in family violence prevention and support.



Interactive Video


Interactive video is a brilliant remote learning resource.

Like a choose-your-own-adventure, interactive video has clickable buttons embedded directly into the player, allowing the viewer to make choices that affect the outcome of the video.

You can pose your audience questions throughout the video and ask them to make decisions that affect the course of the story or challenge them to guess the right answer. Living up to the name, the video is interactive, with options presented on the screen you much click on. The video will vary according to their viewers choice, making all sorts of alternate endings possible!

You can learn more about interactive video on our dedicated page.


Screen Capture


I’m sure you’re familiar with sharing your screen on a video call. It’s sometimes super helpful to see someone going through the motions.



Screen capture video is super handy, especially for software tutorials. Tech Radar keeps a list of the best free screen recording software out there, but if it’s something funky you want to do (like the video above), you can always reach out for expert assistance.


Your Own Educational Videos!


If you’re up for it, make educational videos yourself! Rather than trawling through the internet for the appropriate video, you can become a budding content creator and create the perfect lesson or training video. Your students and trainees will respond really well to a video featuring you, tailored to them.

Recording a live stream is an easy way to do this, but there’s plenty of software out there that can help you record video and voice through your webcam.


RMIT Animated Explainer



But, perhaps you’re after something a little more complicated. Maybe an animation, or some motion graphics, like we did for RMIT in the video above.

Get in touch and we can make your ideal educational video happen!



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