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March 19, 2015
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Communications & Awareness Videos Part 2: Safety

Communications Videos are style of video effectively used to deliver information and messages around Safety and Environmental issues. Communications Videos are becoming a trend within the industry as the need to deliver important information to the public increases and doing this visually is often most convenient, accessible and simple way to convey this information.,
For an organisation that needs to communicate with members of the public in regard to safety and well-being – in circumstances such as what to do if a natural disaster occurs – a communications video on the website is much more productive than expecting people to read through pages of information. The safety of the public is the number one objective for these types of videos, therefore there is a requirement to distribute the information so that it reaches as many people as possible.
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This information may include data, statistics and figures, or a demonstration of the serious consequences that can follow a natural disaster event. A video that covers all the essential information of what to do in the event of a disaster is also able to empower the audience – ensuring they feel prepared, informed and confident in their ability to stay safe should any such event occur.
As previously mentioned, Communications videos are about connecting with the audience and maintaining their engagement and participation. We have produced these types of videos to not only generate awareness around areas such as disaster relief, but to also encourage the community to get involved in spreading the message and to understand what actions they need to take should a disaster ever strike. Here is one example we produced for The City of Port Phillip Council’s Weather Plan.

Communications videos such as the video series we produced for the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub, are based on providing up to date information on all emergency and disaster events around the country and to provide research that the community can access– these videos are therefore extremely effective in educating the audience on how they themselves can contribute to preventing hazardous and potentially fatal disasters.
In this ever changing world, one where devastating disasters are occurring all too often, the best thing we can all do to prevent catastrophic outcomes is to communicate and stay informed.

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