Eight ways to use video to demand attention

August 20, 2013
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Grabbing the attention of a potential prospect these days can prove to be quite the challenge. And you can’t blame those prospects you are targeting – on average, business executives receive around 200 communication requests each day. Every day! No wonder you may be having trouble reaching the right people. Meanwhile, your potential clients are going crazy, resorting to ignoring, rejecting and dismissing requests as they are bombarded with calls, emails, direct mail, social media – ongoing meeting invitations from people desperately trying to show off their products and services.
So you are competing with a high number of other businesses who like you, want the opportunity to present their bright idea and revolutionary product to the world. Plus you are targeting business reps who simply don’t know you from a bar of soap…. so how are you expected to rein in your potential prospect and seize your moment of glory?
Notice that amongst the communication methods listed above, I failed to mention the most important, and the most effective one. Video. This is the first step to engaging your potential prospects, making them stop and pay attention. I’d like to give you a few further suggestions so that you can not only engage them, but you can completely wow them into becoming your next big client.

  1. Youtube pre-roll ads. You know when watching a YouTube video, another video starts to play and you have to wait a few seconds to skip? That is a called a pre-roll ad. Pre-roll ads display your video as an ad break before or during YouTube partner videos. The great thing about this feature is that you can really target who will watch that video. Whether you are aiming for middle- aged women in Melbourne, or teenagers in Sydney, you can create a TV ad like- video and, unless the viewer watches 30 seconds or more, you won’t be charged a cent. You only pay for those videos that are actually watched or clicked on.
  2. Promote your video through search. When people are searching for things, either on Adwords, or YouTube, through smart SEO, you can make sure your video is displayed amongst the top options.
  3. Advertising with videos on Linkedin and/or Facebook. Getting your videos on social media will also allow you to really target it. You’ll be showing the video to those who really care and not annoying those who don’t.
  4. Remarketing. They might have left once, but they won’t leave again. Remarketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the Web. So this second time around, rather than trying to sell them something, give them valuable information. Let’s say your viewers landed on your website whilst looking for ties, but they didn’t end up purchasing any. Why not target these people, giving them another ad about ties -not to sell the ties, but to provide interesting information, such as ‘how to knot a tie in 5 different ways.’ This is not a direct sale, but it is information that proves valuable as you are building the brand, creating rapport, and luring people back to your site.
  5. Cut out presenter. It’s more than just a talking head, it’s a virtual mannequin. A human sized cut out that moves and talks to you will always grab people’s attention, whether they want your product or not. This is where video meets cardboard.
  6. Video Brochures. This time, it’s a case of video meeting print. By combining print advertisement with high quality video, the result is a slick, unique brochure. Sophisticated, innovative and with a certain bling to it, the video brochure will be the most efficient way to get past gatekeepers and straight to the decision makers. http://www.creativa.test/video-brochures-make-a-statement-with-the-most-powerful-sales-tool-ever/
  7. Creating a seeding campaign. Getting the experts to promote your videos in the right websites and making them go viral. Video seeding will bring guaranteed views and reach for your videos. http://www.creativa.test/virality-needs-some-serious-seeding-first-2/
  8. Creating custom made videos. We all see so many advertising messages on multiple screens every day. So if you really want to engage your potential customers, you need to show them the right ad at the right time. In Google’s own words, Dynamic Display Ads let you create ads that are tailored to your target audience. This happens dynamically as your ads are shown to a specific user on a specific website”. What exactly does this mean? Well for instance, imagine you are a shoe company, and someone went to your website and looked at three different pairs, but did not purchase any. Well that would be the end of that wouldn’t it – what more could you do in this situation? Well with Dynamic Display Ads, you can have a video created specifically on those three pairs of shoes that interested the user, and promote only those shoes. Now that’s a sure-fire way to use video to really target your potential buyer – and in turn, make the video experience unique and personal for the viewer.

Whatever your product or service, with the proper video and strategy, you can get people to call you. And if you don’t, call us. We’ll make it happen.

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