The most shared YouTube ads for February 2014

March 21, 2014
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The year is still young and fresh, but YouTube has already provided the goods with some memorable ads that use a variety of interesting and innovative tactics to keep us engaged. These are those that made the strongest impact on social media in February 2014 – with some quite remarkable stats coming from the top two.

Number 10: Audi 2014 Big Game Commercial – Doberhuahua

For this year’s Big Game, Audi has conceived a never-before-seen creature to show the frightening consequences of compromise. We would be scared of this creature too!

Number 9: PBS Studios – 288,443 Shares

Combine an age-old classic with one of the hottest properties in Hollywood and what do you get? One of the most shared ads on the web, that’s what.

Number 8: Canadian Institute Of Diversity And Inclusion – 310,857 Shares

Spreading a message that truly means something can be quite a challenge when you’re competing against brands with millions in their advertising budget. We’re glad to see this entry on the list.

Number 7: Schwarzkopf – 335,099 Shares

This one is all about love and when the topic is handled creatively, it can pack quite a punch. Schwarzkopf did an excellent job with ‘You’ – we’re sure someone will wipe away a tear or two.

Number 6: EDEKA – 372,406 Shares

EDEKA’s ‘Supergeil’ is edgy, cool, and just a whole load of fun. It’s definitely something a little out of the ordinary, which is what makes it such a hit!

Number 5: SOS Maday – 456,769 Shares

Perhaps the most touching video ad of them all, this one follows a cold young child called Johannes – would you help him out and give him your jacket? Find out just how much people care.

Number 4: Learn for Life – 540,887 Shares

‘Set Yourself Free’ gives off a carefree vibe, with youth, beach and sun combining to give the buzz of a place we’d all rather be. You won’t believe the ending – it’s truly explosive!

Number 3: GoPro – 602,828 Shares

GoPro’s ‘Red Bull Stratos’ uses old school videos to combine with their modern solution to an industry problem (high quality video in challenging circumstances). It uses awesome graphics and impressive sound effects to exude the value of GoPro.

Next in Line: Coca Cola – 918,441 Shares

Coca Cola hardly ever fails to deliver and the clever ‘Social Media Guard’ is a cheeky play on the current generation’s obsession with their smartphones. The device resembles a dog’s lampshade collar and protects us from our devices that detract from actual human interaction.

You’ll notice how Coca Cola doesn’t heavily promote the drink at all – in fact, it’s not even mentioned. However, it adds a touch of brand recognition and gives people an idea of what the company stands for. And that’s having a good time with friends and family, whether at a ballgame or barbeque (with a coke in hand, of course!).

Top Spot: Budweiser – 1.5 Million Shares

The honour for most shared clip during February 2014 goes to Budweiser’s Super Bowl ‘Puppy Love’ ad – there’s something about cute animals that never fails to capture an audience!

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of American sports and some of the most captivating ads in history were created with the sole purpose of being aired during the football spectacle. Considering the amount of viewers, it’s hardly a surprise!

This ad plays with out emotions throughout – emotive music, cute animals, and a positive message is the perfect formula for plenty of traction on social media platforms. Budweiser, take a bow.

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