Sharing Videos On Social Media: A Handy Guide

How to share videos on social media. A crowd of revelers record a live concert on their smartphones.
Ewan Roxburgh
March 24, 2021
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Sharing videos on social media can sometimes feel more complicated then it should. Every social media platform is different, and sometimes the settings you’re looking for can be a little tricky to find.

Here at Creativa, when we make you a video, we want to make sure you don’t have any trouble getting it out to your audience. In an effort to make the sharing process a little easier, we’ll explain the basic things you need to know to get your video up on socials.

In addition to this blog post on maximising the impact of your video on socials, we’ve made a video walkthrough and a written guide on sharing videos on social media. Below, you’ll find some general tips, the video demonstration and a guide we’ve compiled with detailed step-by-step instructions for uploads to YouTube, Vimeo Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok from your computer.

Using the timestamps in the description, or in the progress bar, you can skip forward to the section if you need.

Download our guide on sharing video to social media

General Tips

Share videos to each social media platform directly

A good general rule of thumb is to post the video natively on each social platform you want the video to appear. That is, using their own tools, rather than copying and pasting a YouTube link.

Why? For the most part, each platform favours its own content over a shared link. For example, a video posted on Facebook, using Facebook’s own video tools, will be favoured by their algorithm over a post that includes a link to a YouTube video. The same applies to LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Share videos from your PC/Mac

Good as the mobile apps, it’s far easier to do all that we’re about to suggest from a desktop computer. You’ll have easy access to all the files you need, and all the options will be available.You don’t need to pay for any scheduling software either (unless you desperately want to schedule the post on LinkedIn), just get ready for Facebook Creator Studio to become your new best friend.

Facebook Creator Studio is a very useful tool to share videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing the right video for the right social media platform

Each social media platform has a complicated list of video specifications, but you need not concern yourself with all that. If you’ve worked with you, or you’ve worked with a studio like us, we’ll have considered where you want to share the video and will have cuts ready for you for us on that platform.

There are three sizes of videos that will be useful for sharing it on social media, but the square video is the most handy.

Chances are, at the very least, you’ll have a rectangular, HD video that’ll work a treat with each social site and you’ll be good to go. This will likely be 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixel tall — a ratio of 16:9 — and an MP4 video file.

However, if you have a square video instead, even better! With the exception of YouTube, these videos take up greater screen real-estate and are more likely to make an impression on someone that scrolls past it on their social feed. Square videos tend to be 1080 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall, with a ration of 1:1, and are still typically MP4.

The importance of captions

Did you know the vast majority of social media users watch video without sound?

To ensure everyone gets the most from your content, including those who are hearing impaired, we strongly recommend attaching the SRT captions file that comes as part of your final video delivery package. After all, it’s included at no extra cost.

How to upload subtitles to your social media video.

You can add them to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube easily enough, but Twitter and Instagram may involve a workaround using apps like Instagram’s Threads app. If worse comes to worst, we can always bake them into the video, so they’ll show up no matter what.

Thumbnails, thumbnails, thumbnails

Your video will not autoplay on every social platform so it’s essential you have a scroll-stopping thumbnail to hand to upload with your video. Most platforms will automatically pick a shot from the video that it thinks will work, but they’re never great; it’s always best to have something custom.

A good thumbnail is essential when sharing videos on social media.

When we provide a video, we can provide a thumbnail too, but should you make your own you want to have something enticing for the viewer to click on. Obviously, stick to the subject matter, but show something that will make them want to watch the video, and keep text to big, bold keywords only. Have a poke about some of the world’s biggest YouTube channels to get a feel for things.

Eye-catching Titles and Descriptions

Secondary to thumbnails, you’ll want to grab people’s attention with titles and a caption that encourages them to watch the video. Tease what the audience might be about to see and pose a question, being sure to include relevant links and hashtags too.

Download our guide on sharing videos on social media

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