Shooting in 4K on the Blackmagic Production Camera

August 12, 2014
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Keeping abreast of new technology is both a key element in innovation in the field of video production and a value benefit that we can pass on to our clients to improve our offering and enhance the executions of our creative ideas.
It is with this in mind that Creativa recently moved into the arena of 4K image capture with the purchase of our first Blackmagic Production Camera.

What exactly is 4K and why should I care?

4K is a display device for content which has horizontal resolution somewhere in the order of 4000 pixels (I say somewhere in that range as it varies from some cameras and in different aspect ratios).
It has become the common consumer friendly term to describe Ultra High Definition Video.
Currently most televisions and bluray players in our homes as well as online video platforms like YouTube support a maximum of 1080p resolution which has become the standard high end resolution format around the world.
If you take a look at the basic comparison below you’ll be able to see how much larger the 4K image is in regards to 1080p and other common resolution standards:

blog 66 imgWhat does this mean for my video?

The main benefit of recording video in 4K is the amount of detail you can see in each and every image. The clarity is at times breathtaking and it opens up a whole new world of visual possibilities in the story telling.
As a former cinematographer I can attest to the need for having the highest possible quality image available as it enables the greatest amount of possibilities in what can be done with the footage in post-production.

What is the 4k Blackmagic Production Camera like to work with?

What really excites me about this camera is that it continues to surprise in how it exceeds my expectations in how it handles the various scenarios we have put it through so far.
The camera is incredibly flexible and due to its light weight design can be rigged to suit any requirements. So far we have used the camera in low light scenarios, hand held scenarios with extremely shallow depth of field, for extensive moving camera on our slider and in our green screen studio and in every instance it has delivered exception pictures and results that both we and our clients have been very proud of…
But enough talk and let me show just a small taste of the great results we have had with the camera so far:

As you can see the results speak for themselves. If you are interested in shooting your next production in 4K why not contact us today!

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