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July 31, 2012
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When you watch this engaging little video below, one of the last things you will notice is that there is no talking. The images and story are told clearly through the action. But why would you not want to talk in a Video? Good question and the answers may surprise you. Often clients will request a silent video for use in trade shows or in environments where listening to a video may be problematic due to background noise but there are some other great reasons to think about not using a voice over or presenter.

1) Greater Engagement – believe it or not there are different levels of engagement with video. Passive engagement or people who are half paying attention while doing something else and Active engagement where your video is the most important thing in front of someone. Without spoken words we can often raise the level of engagement to active due mainly to the fact that in order to understand the message a viewer must pay attention.

2) Greater Reach – Think about all those people who speak another language or who’s English isn’t great. Having no spoken words will now include them in the conversation

3) It’s more personal – This might sound strange but without having someone tell you what to think or feel, you are forced to make up your own mind. This lifts your connection with the product, company or service to a more personal level – because you chose to engage.

Why not watch the video and decide for yourself… and then give us a call

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