A Sincere Thanks to our Clients for Giving Us Creative Freedom!

September 11, 2014
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We create videos that push the envelope – sometimes a little bit edgy, but always with a whole bunch of personality. And that’s how we deliver results for our clients each and every time. We don’t stick to the tried and tested methods – we use them, but we always inject a healthy dosage of innovation to keep customers engaged.
But we know none of this would be possible without our clients, who trust our creative sparks to create beautiful videos that work. We love collaborating with customers to tweak strategies and come up with the perfect solution. And we’re more than appreciative about the fact that we’re allowed to take the reins when it comes to the actual video production.
So we’d like to dedicate this blog post to our awesome clients who understand the importance of great videos in today’s marketing campaigns. With a fast-paced environment that’s always changing and morphing, we’re glad our clients give us the freedom required to constantly go just that little bit further.
The 12th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards (2013 Edition) really showcased just how far we’ve been able to come thanks to our clients. We were lucky enough to win a staggering 8 (!) awards, which was a pleasant surprise and a great honour.
Here is a full run-down of our honour list.

Video – Instructional – Gold Award


Video – Instructional – Silver Award

NMIT TAFE – Student Induction

Video – Instructional – Silver Award

DEAKIN UNIVERSITY – Psychological Health and Wellbeing

Video – Promotional – Bronze Award


Video – Promotional  – Bronze Award

FRUITASTIC –Home Page Video

Video – Promotional Bronze Award

TOP RANKINGS – Google Guru

Video – Promotional Bronze Award

SIGN IQ- Ticketing Concept

Video – Motion Graphics / Effects – Bronze Award

RIOT ART & CRAFT – Ricky Riot Youtube Series Introduction


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