YouTube’s New Creator Tools Review

August 8, 2014
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YouTube has recently announced a bucket-load of new tools to give YouTube creators more flexibility, creative power, and channel control. Instead of just giving you a run-of-the-mill rundown of each new feature (which you can find anywhere else), we’re also going tell you how these changes will impact the video creation landscape. And they’re not insignificant, we can certainly tell you that much.
Apps for Channel Management
One of the most irritating aspects of managing a YouTube channel is the lack of control once you’ve left your desktop or laptop. Trying to do anything on your smartphone browser is clunky, time-consuming, and just downright inefficient. The new app (now available on both Android and iOS) lets you manage your channel, view your analytics in detail, and moderate those annoying spam comments.
Not only that, soon you won’t have to wait till you get home to upload that hilarious video you’ve just recorded while out with your friends. The app makes it much easier than ever before and your video can be out there in a matter of seconds – you can even add some finishing touches right from your smartphone.
Sound Effects Library
You no longer have to trawl the net for royalty-free sound effects to sprinkle into your video productions. YouTube is in the process of adding a jaw-dropping 7,500-strongaudio library, including gunfire, phones ringing, the sound of someone typing on a keyboard, and the more exciting ‘Male Zombie Roar’.
Creator Credits
Credits to collaborators have so far been added via annotations – not exactly the nicest way to give credit where it’s due. The new road YouTube is taking will make things much more seamless, which will undoubtedly lead to an improvement in click-through rates.
Both video creators and users alike can submit subtitles to the platform, meaning that people will no longer be limited by language. This can widen the reach of small productions exponentially, particularly when it comes to non-English productions.
48 and 60 Frames Per Second
YouTube has also announced that it will support videos of both 48 and 60 frames per second. Say goodbye to clunky in-game videos of the latest Battlefield or Warcraft series – one of the sample videos YouTube has released is below and looks crisp, smooth, and absolutely stunning.

Fan Funding Feature
YouTube is now giving people the chance to reward productions they appreciate. It’s a tip jar of sorts, as you can still watch videos for free and without restriction. However, it’s provides a great opportunity for channel owners to supplement their income.
Does Vimeo Need to Worry?
YouTube has long dominated the viral video market, but hasn’t quite been able to fully convince the average short filmmaker, cartoonist, or animator. This avant-garde crowd can usually be found at Vimeo instead. However, this may not remain the status quo for long.
YouTube has addressed frame rate concerns, injected a platform for creators to effectively manage their content, and has put a greater emphasis on ensuring quality retains a high minimum. With the overall level being cranked up a notch, we expect Vimeo-only users to give YouTube a bash in the near future.
What About Kickstarter?
The new fan-funding feature may just look like a souped-up version of a basic tip jar, but it has massive potential for channel owners. It means that monetisation now goes beyond just ads. Videos can essentially be crowd-funded before they’re produced – if users want to see more videos from a certain person, all they need to do is add their funds to the channel of their choice.
Will Third-party Editing Tools Become Redundant?
With sound effects that can be seamlessly added to existing videos, subtitles that can be added post-upload, and cards to replace the clunky annotations, some think that YouTube is slowly turning its platform to a fully-fledged video-editing suite.
While it’s certainly becoming much more user-friendly and powerful for video creators, it’s far removed from the advantages of owning a true video editor. However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a huge step forward and a time-saver for channel owners – we can’t wait to get stuck in!

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