How Social Recruitment Can Get You The Best Talent

September 23, 2016
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It’s not unusual for companies to ask potential employees to send them a video on why they should be employed. Attracting and retaining great employees remains a challenge for companies and HR managers. Using videos in your recruitment process can be an effective means of finding these people and bringing them into your company.
Recruitment has evolved from the days of paper applications. Now it’s all about digital hiring and social recruitment. You need to find great employees quickly, make an emotional connection with them so they’re compelled to come and work for you and snap them up by shortening the application process before they lose patience and go elsewhere.
Here is an excellent recruitment video by the founder of Showpo, Jane Lu which she posted on LinkedIn 2 weeks ago. So far over 16,000 people have seen it. The video places Jane as the face of the brand, shows the company culture and showcases Showpo’s brand values all in 5 minutes and 11 seconds using visuals of the company. Imagine trying to communicate these messages verbally or in writing about your company to a prospective candidate. It would definitely take you much longer than 5 minutes!
Reach a wider audience
Imagine if in the example above, Jane had posted updates on Facebook or LinkedIn? While some people would have shared it or forwarded it onto their networks, video enabled her to reach so many more people without having to post multiple updates over time. How easy is it for people to share a video on Facebook or LinkedIn?
Plus videos show up in newsfeeds more often than text updates making it an efficient way to reach the highest number of people who might be suited to your company on social media without having to put in too much effort.
Save business dollars
Many traditional recruitment agencies charge hefty fees and commissions if they’re successful in placing an employee – typically between 15 to 30 percent of salary.
Consider the cost incurred in hiring a company to make the video. They work to your budget – which means you’re in charge of how much money the company will spend on the video. ROI is much higher on using videos to recruit employees – you get more exposure than you would using other types of recruitment methods.
Showcase the best parts of your business
A social recruitment video can be made to showcase the best parts of the company, include employee testimonials, office tours even a personal message from the CEO. All these elements engage with your applicants making it an interactive process rather than one-way communication.
Attract like-minded people
Using videos to communicate office culture, for example, shows you’re a progressive company which thinks out of the box when it comes to finding the right employee. Showpo does this extremely well in the video above – showing off the company as a young, hip and fresh place to work which will attract the same calibre of candidates.
It’s no longer just employers looking for good people, now employees are also becoming choosy about who to accept job offers from. They also evaluate a company’s values and ethics in the same way they would approach consumer brands.
Versatile approach
Posting videos on social media is one way to reach the ideal candidate. Think about how your company can use videos in each step of its recruitment process to engage with applicants. For example, you can use employee testimonial videos when listing a vacancy on your company website, send out a personalised video to applicants who’ve made it to the next interview round etc to reinforce the company message, brand values and maybe provide fun tips on how to ace that second interview.
Creativa can help you with the creative process and video distribution ensuring your target audience sees and engages with your recruitment video. If you’re not using video as part of your recruitment process, you’ll miss out on the best people in the market – digital hiring and social recruitment is definitely the future.

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