How to advertise on YouTube- A beginners guide

October 14, 2013
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Did you know YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? This fact alone demonstrates the true power and reach of video nowadays.
Here are some stats to bring you up to speed;

  • According to YouTube, over six billion hours of video are watched each month on the video search engine (up 50 percent over last year)
  • YouTube has 11 million unique users in Australia per month ( 2012)
  • The average Australian views 10 hours of video per month (Comscore report, 2011)

So how do you think the ad spend between YouTube and Google compare? Google’s revenue will hit around $50 billion this year from ad spend and only about $1 billion of this will be generated from YouTube. YouTube however has been catching up with their ad revenues growing exponentially year on year and with their frequent new product and feature launches making YouTube all the more sticky to it’s audience, it won’t be long before costs for ad views on YouTube will compare to cost per clicks in Google.
So its time you learnt about YouTube advertising options for video advertising. The most popular advertising program is TrueView, which offer a great deal of flexibility and benefits for both brands and viewers.
What is TrueView
I’m sure most of you have experienced TrueView many times by now; you just may not be familiar with the name. In a nutshell, it is a pay-per-view advertising model. If no one engages with your video, you don’t pay. And with some formats, you also get free click throughs from your ad! According to YouTube, 80% of consumers asked preferred TrueView ads to streaming ads”. Because they provide a choice of subject matter, give viewers the ability to skip repeats and help advertisers narrow down which products appeal to which consumers”. Brands can use TrueView in three different ways, in-stream, in-search, and in-display and can run campaigns separately or combine the formats.

TrueView In-Stream
You know those ads that come up before you watch a video? Those are in-stream ads, and are part of the video stream; before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll). Viewers have the option to watch the ad in full or to skip the ad after viewing it for 5 seconds. Advertisers are only charged when the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad. With the use of keyword and demographic targeting, this search marketing tool reaches your target audience with greater precision than television ever could. With in-stream ads, there are no ad length restrictions, the audience does not get annoyed as viewers have the option of watching or skipping the ad, and advertisers can capitalize on their budgets by delivering the right message to the right audience.

TrueView In-Display
These are videos that show up next to related video watch pages on YouTube or on the Google Display Network that match your target audience. A click-through on the video ad directs viewers to your YouTube channel. The advertiser only pays when a viewer chooses to watch the video and clicks on it.

TrueView In-Search
This option allows brands to target their video ads as a search result by choosing search terms that appear in YouTube. You can relate this to a Google campaign, where in-search ads appear in a special promoted section of the search results pages on YouTube and Google, above or to the right of regular results. Advertisers pay per view.
Next to the video image, you can include a call-to-action to direct viewers to the brand’s website. A click on the ad can take people to your YouTube channel, and get them further engaged with your other videos, at no cost. You would be paying for that initial view, after that it is up to your brand to have creative and relevant content in its channel to retain that audience.
Choose what suits you
Different types of Youtube advertising are suited to different advertisers with different objectives. In-Stream for instance works similarly to a TV commercial but at a fraction of the cost and with much more accurate demographic targeting. To give you an idea, typically a view would cost you less than $0.60.
In short, the TrueView platform allows advertisers to aim their messages to the desired audience by search terms and interest groups. Advertisers are forced to create more engaging ads as viewers now have the power to effectively ‘turn off’ the ad. It enables advertisers to drive more engaged traffic to their brands’ YouTube channel or websites and all this is done on the back of a very transparent and trackable reporting platform. If you are not already considering YouTube advertising, perhaps you should be, before your competitors do.

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