Why Stick Figures Work So Well In Communicating Concepts

August 12, 2014
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The history of stick figures goes back to caveman days. They have spanned time and language in communicating ideas and concepts. They are the way many of us learned to draw. We used them to play hangman and draw rudimentary cartoons. Stick figures have been used to mark crosswalks on traffic signs and most recently to show the world how big your family is on the back of a car.
Today, simple stick figures are making a big impact on communications. Perhaps it is because our world is so complex we appreciate the simple stickman so much, but he and his cohorts seem to be everywhere. It is a trendy concept you may consider taking advantage of.

How People Are Using Stick Figures

If you want to see some examples, put “stickman” or “stick figures” in a Google images search. Some are edgy and may be inappropriate but beyond getting a few chuckles, you will also see how creative people are getting with the use of stick figures. Once you’ve done that, perform the same searches on YouTube. You’ll also find some other interesting videos.
The point is people love stick figure graphics and videos.

How the Stickman Can Help You

Consider for a moment how a stick figure video, or series of videos, can help you communicate a message internally or externally.
Internally, they can communicate a serious issue with a bit of humour. A stickperson can serve as a non-threatening spokesperson to deflect from human personalities that can get in the way of clear communications.
Externally, a stickperson can create the impression of an “un-biased” spokesperson. It can do things a human can’t do, and can interact harmlessly with other stick figure “actors”.

Creating Your Own Stick Figure Videos

Stick figure videos can be a powerful way to communicate your messages, but there are some guidelines you should use.
•           Make sure that any video production is done well. If you are using humour you want your audience to laugh for the right reason, and not because your video is laughingly bad.
•           Decide on a persona for your stick figure characters.
•           You want to make sure any external stick figure videos maintain the integrity of your branding. Stick figures can be amazingly entertaining but you don’t want them to be uncharacteristic of your organisation.
•           Videos using stick characters don’t have to be 100% stick character involved. You will want to include voiceovers and perhaps even interactions with real people. Part of the beauty of these videos is the creative ceiling is removed.
•           Remember, stick figures communicate a message in all languages. That helps increase the value of their use in external marketing videos.

How to get Started

If you don’t feel qualified to create a quality stick figure video series, contact a professional video company experienced in creating storylines. Make sure they understand your threshold of humour and “edginess” and go ahead and get started.
If you have found a YouTube video that you find particularly entertaining, use it as an example to your video production company. There are certainly plenty of examples out there. Ask your production company what ideas they can bring to the table.


If you have any questions, you are invited to contact us. Whether you would like to further explore the stickman video phenomenon for your organisation or have other professional video needs, we are happy to discuss the appropriate steps to take.

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