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With the news of superannuation unlocking over the weekend, we can only imagine your call centres are inundated right now with members checking eligibility criteria.

With the situation evolving as quickly as it is, legislation changing daily, people are in need of up-to-date clear, communications.

Creativa has years of experience in articulating messages to superannuation audiences. We understand your members and know how to connect with them.

We can help create clear video messages that might alleviate the stress on your call centres.

We're here to help

We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround on animation projects, and our unique capability in adding personalised and interactive elements to our videos.

This enables us to deliver the right information to the right audience in a timely fashion.

Our animation department is operating as usual and we would be able to quickly turnaround any succinct video messages you may need.

Personalised and interactive video

Frequently, we make personalised and interactive videos for superannuation clients.

Whilst a hero video might sit on your website or socials and reduce the need for phone calls, we can, of course, add personalised elements to it as well that might be sent out in an email campaign.

Our personalised videos might address members' by name (such as in the GIF above) and include information specifically relevant to them in a unique video emailed directly to their inbox. They're a fantastic way to engage members with their super and present calls-to-action.

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