The dramatic effect of music on your video

January 22, 2014
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When thinking of what makes a video great, most of us will instinctively think of the visual element. It makes sense – what we see always remains at the forefront. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the dramatic effect music has on a video.

While beautiful images are key, they’re nothing without the right music. According to Science Daily, different emotional reactions are triggered depending on the type of music that is being used. In other words, jazz will lead to a completely different reaction than say rock music, for example. So if you want your brand to send the right message, you have to make sure that it’s accompanied by the soundtrack that fits.

Here is a video where the audio and visual combine perfectly. Not only is the music good quality in its own right, but it also works well with what’s being shown on screen. You need that happy marriage to make your video stand out from the crowd.

Cadbury’s Gorilla

Everyone’s favourite chocolate maker, Cadbury’s, used a remix of ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins in its popular ad from 2007. The sudden change in tempo works fantastically well with the drumming gorilla, adding real effect to the creature’s presence. The build up and the uplifting mood created by such a classic song fits with the message perfectly.

What effect music has on a video

We produced three videos with different styles of music to showcase just how different the same exact video seems depending on the soundtrack. If anyone wants to hire Damian & Miguel, the directors at Creativa, for a Western or even a Gangster Film, please get in touch:-)

In our First video, the soundtrack is meant to create drama and tension, while the second has an old gangster style soundtrack to give the scene an Old World feel. Finally, the third video uses a happy fiddle soundtrack to ease tension and add a little humour- all this is achieved by changing the soundtrack.

Video 1: Lord of the Glass

Video 2: Mafia Boss

Video 3: The Joker

How music can change a film

We also hunted down this little gem showing the Boat Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, the blockbuster film made famous by Johnny Depp’s Captain Sparrow. It takes you through the same scene several times, each with different music playing in the background.

The original soundtrack is dramatic and heroic, which is exactly what the moviemakers wanted. We’re not sure the ‘Comical’ tune would have worked anywhere near as well!

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