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August 7, 2012
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Delivering the right messages to an audience is a fine art. Whether you’re a business owner, director, marketing manager, HR manager or just someone who needs to reach an audience, video production is one of the more superior communication tools in the digital age. In the past, companies tried to reach people through analogue and more physically tangible means.
This usually meant slow delivery of heavy text-filled documents and collateral, which was potentially ambiguous for the audience on the receiving end. Video technology was available through television—but this was an excessive, complicated and budget-busting exercise.
It could be said that verbal face-to-face communication is still the best way to deliver a message, and that may be true. But it’s also time consuming and not very cost effective.
Enter Web video production. It gives business the ability to make their message land where it needs to. Some might say it is the most effective method in today’s marketplace. Corporate video is versatile—it can combine visual, audio, text, graphics, cartoons and animation, and can be stopped, started, and replayed on demand, so you and your audience get measurable value and results. Highly accessible and precision targeted to your audience, video production stays light on the back pocket and provides a sales or communication asset that delivers excellent return on investment.
Consider these scenarios:
You’re a director. You want to roll out a new strategy across the organization. That’s lot of heads to communicate with. Along this chain, the message gets diluted and your strategy loses its effectiveness.
You’re in HR. Your boss asks you to roll out a new strategy to all staff. Liasing between upper management and all departments makes for messy communication.
The solution? Distill that strategy right away into a powerful video production. Everyone in the company can watch it together in one hit and—better still— re-watch it at their leisure. The original idea is captured, translated instantly into something immediately accessible—dazzling to the eye, entertaining and informative.
Communications are streamlined. The message has landed. Your business is flying.
Find out how much time and money you’ll save with a corporate video from a company with the right expertise.
Call Creativa web video on 1300 901 858 for excellent video production solutions.

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