Three Great Examples of Product Videos in the Industrial Sector

November 3, 2014
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Selling industrial products has a unique set of challenges. Whereas, in the past, your sales people might sit back and take orders, they now need to be proactive in finding buyers and winning deals. Using a product video is one way industrial companies can stand out from competitors and clearly communicate the benefits of their product.
If you’re having a tough time explaining how your product works and why it’s the best product for prospective customers, a product video might be the sales tool for you. Let’s explore three product videos from leading industrial companies in Australia and the US.


Hannanprint is the largest commercial press in the southern hemisphere. They offer a range of printing services, including magazine, newspaper and catalogue.
The company used a product video to help show prospective customers why they are the biggest commercial press in Australia and the benefits they offer. They do a great job of highlighting core points of differentiation and use footage to show their impressively large production facilities that produce millions of pages of print at lightning speed.
A product video helps Hannanprint communicate what their business does, which was hard to do with words alone. Furthermore, it provides an avenue to show the company’s facilities, mitigating the possibility of deception and building prospects’ confidence.

Trade Service Bodies

Trade Service Bodies (TSB) designs and manufactures fixed service body units for utes and other vehicles and was the first company to offer the lift-off model in Australia. TSB needed a way to communicate how their product worked and why it was unique. They used video to show prospective customers the features of their product and the different models.
The product video also provided an opportunity for Andrew Pickering, Director at Trade Service Bodies, to communicate the core values of the company. You can see their ISO certification that backs up their commitment to quality and service and their local manufacturing facility that proves they build their products in Australia.
A product video helps TSB use footage of their facilities to build a level of trust that couldn’t be done with a traditional marketing brochure or sales call. The video shows why TSB products are a premium option for customers – you can see the quality is high and that their team has a strong focus on service.

 John Deere

John Deere is a manufacturer of agriculture, construction and forestry machinery and equipment. The company is a pioneer in the agriculture industry and continually creates innovative new products. As with any new product, John Deere’s commercial hay baler was hard to explain to a customer that hadn’t heard of it before. That’s why John Deere opted to use the product video.
The video shows the core benefits of the product, including the ability to produce consistent, square bales of hale every time. This goes hand in hand with company’s final message: “more tones on your truck, means more money in your pocket.”
A product video helps John Deere explain the benefits of a very complex and expensive product. The video also provides a great medium to highlight some objections a prospective customer might have. For example, this one does a good job of explaining how its technology reduces the need to grease the frame.

Product videos work well for the industrial sector

Product videos are a great marketing asset to have in your inventory of sales tools. They offer an effective way to show customers how a product works and what makes a product better than a competitors offering. This type of video works especially well in the industrial sector, where products can be highly technical and complicated.
Looking for more inspiration? Here are some more product videos we’ve done for the industrial sector:

If you need help communicating your message to customers, give us a call and we can discuss whether a product video will be a good fit for your company.

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