Throw away the textbooks – Communicate with your students through video

April 28, 2015
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Remember when you started university? There were so many things to learn – how to use the portal, where to go to join classes, who to contact if you needed assistance.. the list goes on. On top of that, there were so many books in your backpack that you could hardly carry it!
Well times have changed and we will certainly see the transition of paper and print to digital continue to rise over the next few years – online systems,  web based programs, apps and videos will replace books, pens and paper. The education sector is a fantastic example of an industry that has embraced online media to communicate with their students and staff. With important and often changing information to share to an ongoing large audience, many Educational Institutions have moved to online video to introduce their students to preparing for life at University. Using online video to communicate is convenient, versatile, time and resource efficient and allows students to access the information from any location, at any time, as often as they require.
Let’s look at a few University’s that are embracing online communication videos as tools to reach their students.

This video created for RMIT Training is to prepare overseas students for their arrival to Melbourne and the start of their university life. The video uses animation to simplify the message– the character is cute and funny, which allows students to naturally engage with the content, whilst the Narrator converses with the character, preparing him for his arrival to a new city and school. The message is short and simple, communicating what students need to prepare for their school orientation. The viewers can relax and feel more comfortable as they relate to the character as he also has the same questions and doubts about starting university.

University can be tough. Students can feel that they are alone, or that they are failing and don’t know who to talk to. We worked with Deakin University to produce a series of videos ‘Students Helping Students,’ which show students that they are not alone, there are many people and resources available to them to help them through University. The most effective way to demonstrate this was through real life scenarios, or ‘role plays’ and testimonials– where the audience could connect with the  real people in the videos –  who were other students, and see first hand how the program worked, giving a sense of security and reassurance.

In the case of La Trobe University, they wanted to communicate to students the severe consequences that can come with plagiarism. We felt that communicating a serious topic through a short, visually appealing and easy to understand video would effectively get the message across. In just over 2 minutes, using motion graphics animation and simple text on screen, a complete overview of plagiarism, referencing and copyright was communicated to the audience – which would normally have consisted of pages and pages of complex text and complicated examples.
These are just a few of the growing number of online videos that are being produced for the Education sector. If you have a message to communicate and information to deliver on wide scale– why not consider video to engage and educate your students.

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