Tips For Creating Video Ads That Convert

January 19, 2017
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A beautiful advertisement is always a good thing, but the trick is to create ads that have the desired effect. First things first: You’ve got to get people to pay attention. Videos to the rescue! According to Insivia, video ads up the message retention from 10 percent to 95 percent, compared to reading text. Here’s how to make the most of your video ad.
Have a natural call to action. Tell viewers what you want them to do next. Directions for how to follow up will make curious and interested viewers more likely to take that next step. In the first quarter of the video, present a “soft” CTA by alerting viewers of what’s available to them without telling them how to get it. Then, at the end of the video, tell them where to follow up in a natural way that flows with the rest of the content.
Be clear and concise. A killer 30 second video can have a bigger impact than a longer video that people stop watching before it ends. In the first 5 seconds, deliver an attention-grabbing, boiled-down message that viewers receive right away. For instance, this ad for Ecobin explains in the very first words of the video why you should keep watching.

Make it positive and enticing. Keeping the message upbeat and focused on benefits will make viewers more likely to stick with you. Don’t be afraid to put aside the script—sometimes the off-the-cuff remarks that crop up unexpectedly are the most creative and effective.
Know your target. Don’t be too broad! For instance, targeting all women in Australia is way too general. Specify which women—age, location, education, taste, and more. Share a success story that will resonate with that demographic. When viewers see that your product or service has worked for someone they identify with, they’ll be more likely to follow your CTA. Also, consider utilising YouTube’s pre-roll ads. By attaching your ad to a video popular with your target audience, you can pin-point your efforts.
Prove it. Rather than inundating viewers with yet another sales pitch, educate and demonstrate. Show them why and how your product or service can make their lives easier. Differentiate yourself from your competition by showing the value you add.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to reach your target audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube—wherever they hang out. Creativa can help you reach them with fun videos that explain what you’re all about.

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