Top 7 Steps for Excellent Video

June 22, 2016
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Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble How to help your production company achieve the best results for your video

The creative process has a natural give and take. Under the best circumstances, working with multiple viewpoints can lead to a much better end result than any party could have achieved alone. However, when poor communication leads to misunderstandings, setbacks ensue.
Here’s a cheat sheet for the top 7 ways to effectively work with your video production company.
1) Honestly explain your goals. Communicate a clear objective for the video, including how results are going to be measured.
2)  Crunch the numbers. Make sure your budget aligns with the potential ROI of the video before you get started. Work with your video production company to use resources wisely to create the best possible video to skyrocket your business success.
3) Get to know one another. This part is crucial for success: Make sure your production company

– understands you and your objectives
– has a team that cares about you
– communicates your objectives across the team so every single decision is made towards your objectives and agenda

4)  Be available. Even when schedules are tight, make it a priority to reply quickly to messages and questions from your video production company. Creatives work best when the project flows and they don’t feel stuck.
5)  Be organised from the get-go. Involve decision makers early in the process to avoid needing to make expensive and time-consuming changes later.
6)  Open up with constructive criticism. Give helpful feedback by expressing what you like and don’t like. Offer your own solutions, but also mention that you are happy for the team to suggest other ideas that can achieve the intended result.
7)  Save some ideas for next time. It’s tempting, but don’t try to fit everything in one video. “More” might easily mean “less” if your message is diluted. Consider using some material in the future.

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