Tradeshow videos: how to make them stand out, so you stand out.

May 6, 2013
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Want to know how to sell more at a trade show? Then you need to stop traffic. And by traffic, I don’t mean cars, trucks, scooters or trains…I’m talking about your company’s potential customers and prospects – which means, foot traffic. There’s an event coming up where your business is investing a lot of time, money and resources. This is also one of the biggest opportunities you have to sell your product, demonstrate your service and increase your customer base whilst promoting your brand. This is not the time to be a wallflower or to shy away from the crowd, in this situation you need to be so exciting and engaging that people literally stop in their tracks to talk to YOU. Yep, we’re talking about trade shows.
Stopping traffic at a trade show is pretty important. There are hundreds of businesses exhibiting and there are quite possibly many who are selling similar products to yourself, so standing out from the rest of the competition is the only way to ensure the event is extremely successful for your company. How do we propose you do that? Through video of course.
Effective tradeshow videos are specifically designed and specifically planned to maximise the results of a tradeshow. Other videos that have been produced for your company are simply not going to cut it at a trade show. Why? Well in a tradeshow the most important outcome is to attract attention and to have people stop and approach your stand. This then gives you the chance to start a conversation with these prospective customers face to face. With a clever trade show video production, you will have a powerful tool for drawing attention to your product and services and it can be an effective resource for your sales team, who will have a real opportunity to start a conversation with everyone who stops to check out your video.
When planning this great video, there are a few things you will need to consider as trade shows do have certain limitations. They are noisy, chaotic and competitive. Booths are set up quite close to one another, so any music or sound in one booth, will be sure to carry over to the next – therefore it can be quite annoying to everyone else. With the noise levels, having a catchy tune playing or a smooth talking voice over on your video is not the best solution- it will simply get drowned out. Imagine walking through the event with ear muffs on, so you have only your sense of sight to guide you and capture your attention. Another point to remember is that unfortunately, you have no control over when visitors will start to watch your video – meaning they could start watching in the middle, or perhaps the end. No matter what point they start viewing, you need to ensure they understand the message and what it is that you are providing or offering.
All things considered, you may now be asking – well, what will work? That’s easy – using the right combination of images, animation and text! Use large, impressive images and text that will catch the viewer’s eye, engaging images every few seconds so that at whatever point your audience begins watching your video, they are captivated. Your message needs to make sense if you were to play the video at the halfway point. An effective way to present the information is in a series of short video clips, so people are grasping onto at least one key point. It needs to be catchy, fun, engaging – and if you can – entertaining. A well-crafted, eye-catching video with significant information repeated regularly – is certainly going to be a winner when it comes to drawing in the crowds and generating interest.
You may have so many exciting new developments within your business that you are busting to share with potential buyers, but in this case – for this particular event – less is more when it comes to what your company does and the products and service you provide. A trade show is an opportunity to tell your story and to increase awareness around your brand – and due to the high volume of people and busy nature of the event, time drawing in customers can be limited. So it’s important to stand out and to make sure they remember you by selecting just a few vital messages to display. Once they’ve stopped, you can wow them with your charm and expertise.
A great trade show video requires careful planning, an understanding of your audience and their needs, and as always, an ROI calculation. Maximise your potential by creating a fun, unique and stimulating video that will motivate the audience to approach you. Be different, be remembered, and be creative. How else do you expect to stop traffic?
Check out this video we created for Cryovac to present at a trade show:

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