Traditional Video Production Agencies vs. S.M.A.R.T.E.R Video Production Companies: -Blog-

June 25, 2012
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Why modern web video production agencies can produce more cost effective web video productions than traditional agencies of the TV advertising age.

When a company or business decides to showcase their services and products with a video, there are two questions that should pop first in their minds—What’s the most efficient and cost effective way to produce a video, and what video Production Company should I choose?”
Traditionally, TVC (TV commercials) were the go to option for corporate advertising. But this meant big air-time budgets and a lot of unnecessary video production expenses. Due to the unbalanced relationship between the cost of producing a video and the cost of placing it on TV, video producers and directors grew spoiled. With plenty of cash to burn they could focus on getting every single detail the way they wanted—items like 5 star catering for the crew, endless crew teams, over-speced equipment and expensive toys. This was not so much because it would make any difference to the viewer or the company-paying for it, but for their own egos and desire to win awards.
With the recent increase of web users and the popularity of web videos, the basis for how video costs were measured began to shift. Many businesses began to ask, Why should we spend 50% of our budget on details that don’t add any value to our objective?”
Clearly, bigger and more expensive doesn’t always mean better—and definitely not most cost effective.
These days, Smarter video production companies offer what is called objective oriented production.These companies work with leaner and more streamlined resources. They employ in-house staff that are skilled at working across multiple facets of the production process rather than multiple single minded contractors —for example, the person shooting the video might also be the one editing, and packaging it in the production suite. This lends itself to greater project consistency and production quality. Plus, it also means that excellent quality video productions can be turned around quickly and considerably cheaper, compared to traditional agencies where processing and turnaround time can be quite extensive.
Ultimately, because they integrate their resources efficiently, smarter video production companies create more with less—fantastic end products for a fraction of the cost of big commercial TV budgets. For businesses, this means a greater return on investment, plus the scope to create more and more videos to reach a wider and savvier audience wherever they are.
If you’re a business looking to create something fast and efficient, with excellent return on investment, smarter production companies like Creativa Web videos are the way to go.

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