Transform your pretty website into a kick ass selling machine

June 12, 2013
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So your website has been up and running now for a few months, and it has been doing okay. It looks fairly good – you may admit it doesn’t quite have the ‘wow’ factor, but you are reasonably happy with it. That old saying ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ plays over in your mind – your site is serving its purpose so why change it? Hang on a second. Didn’t you build a website to primarily increase your sales? If so, then why are you happy to settle for an average site when instead, you could turn it into an exceptional selling machine…surely that sounds better than a ho-hum, ordinary site that is not bringing the revenue or exposure you were hoping for? If this sounds good then read on. The best part is you don’t even have to build a brand new site!
At this stage we are already familiar with the elements of creating a noticeable homepage, for starters there’s the design, usability, friendliness, and customer engagement. And then there’s explaining a clear message to your audience which means choosing the right way to convey your message and making sure that people understand it. Your website and the products and services that you promote need to be relevant – I mean users are coming to your website for a reason. Are you providing them what they need?
You’ve managed to stand out and position yourself differently to your competitors, so now it’s time to convert this pretty little website of yours into an effective selling machine. No matter how outstanding your design or how user friendly your page is, when someone checks it out, you really do not have much control on how they interact. You can plan and estimate it, but the results can be difficult to decipher, not even graphs showing users’ behaviour can translate into trends or patterns. The way people engage with your website can be unpredictable, so how do you regain control of the experience that potential customers have? Through video production of course.
With video, once people are on the website there is a clear action path; your viewers are prompted to take action – meaning to do something on your site or to go somewhere on the page (AKA play this video”). And once they’ve pressed play on your video, you regain control of the experience. Why?
Effectively, you are directing the actions of your viewers. Because you not only control how you convey the message, but your message is communicated with personality as you tell your story and you reveal your key points. You have the ability to control the timing of the video – meaning you can maximise on the amount of time that customers are engaging with your website. Through video production, you also give a clear call to action (Contact us, Learn more, Call now! Sign up today, Join our mailing list, Click here and so on).
Video communicates in a simple way, and gets straight to the point. Using video for your website allows the audience to have an interactive experience. It does not just ignite the visual senses but also the auditory sensory – the more our senses are stimulated, the more engaged we become. It is with video that your company can truly show its character, create a rapport with potential customers and promote client testimonials… there is so much you can build into the website to improve that message once you control the experience.
It’s as simple as that. Through using a multi-sensorial communication medium (videos) to deliver your message to your customers, you can turn a normal, average website into the ultimate selling machine that will deliver the results you have been aiming for. So it’s time to get the cameras rolling and consider video production for your website. And you may even find yourself laughing on the way to the bank…

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