How to turn Day into Night – Production Secrets Revealed

February 17, 2015
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In this week’s edition of ‘Creativa Production Secrets’ we look at colour correction and how simple tones can alter the viewers perception of the time of day.
Film and Video Production recording days are often long and hard work. At the end of filming for the day when we hear ‘that’s a wrap!’ there is actually still so much more work to be done, and this includes colour correcting the film. With great technique and expertise, colour correcting the image can greatly change how it will affect the audience by altering the mood and emotion of the scene. Before you watch the video below, let me explain in a little more detail.
In this image, we have seen how the introduction of green in The Matrix created the atmosphere of a computer world.
blog 6 image a
This shot below is from the TV show CSI Miami where orange and crushed black tones make everything feel hot.
blog 6 image b
Another example of how you can change the tone of the image is this example of Saving Private Ryan. The original image is de-saturated, with enhanced brown and blues. This creates a cold and dirty World War 2 atmosphere. But if you cleverly saturate the image and introduce orange, it looks like it’s from the Vietnam War era.
blog 6 image c blog 6 image d
This short behind the scenes video with Hollywood cinematographer Daryn Okada takes us through finalizing the look of the movie Dolphin Tale 2. He also shows us how turning day into night is common practice and how you can still have the warmth of the sun underwater. Amazing!

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