How U.S. Hospitals are Using Videos Effectively

September 9, 2014
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Hospitals in the United States have long realized the value of marketing their services to position themselves in their communities. They have used adverts on television, radio and newspapers to further their “brands” and imaging. More recently, they have been using social media and online tactics in their marketing efforts.
Now, hospitals in the U.S. are making use of videos to help educate and inform consumers in visually stimulating and entertaining ways. Medical facilities in Australia can learn from the strategies of the American Hospitals, and we should take some time to explore some examples.
The Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic has long been known for advanced medical techniques and procedures, and they are now using video in advancing their marketing efforts. Videos uploaded to their YouTube Channel include a variety of subjects and approaches. They employ talking head videos with titles subject matters as dry as “Treating and Rehabilitating Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease” to a video entitled “15-year-old Pianist Touches Hearts and Souls at Mayo Clinic”.
The more popular videos for the Mayo Clinic seem to be the ones that have human interests at their heart, and tell an uplifting story. One such video, approaching 700,000 downloads, is a professionally produced video called “Violinist Still Making Music After DBS Surgery at Mayo Clinic”.

The Clinic takes the bold step of allowing comments on their videos, which provides another interaction between hospital and consumer. You can see how the Mayo Clinic uses video to enhance their brand by visiting their YouTube Channel page.
Johns Hopkins
This world famous medical facility has been using online videos to inform and educate for over four years. Their well-produced series of videos are sorted in easy to search categories like “About Hopkins” which currently contains 87 videos. Other video “files” include a series of “Meet The Experts” videos, and personal stories, like one entitled “Epilepsy Surgery: Jeannie’s Story”
Since the hospital has multiple facilities, they have created separate channels for each. Each video is professionally produced and enhances the Hospitals image. Is it working? Johns Hopkins now has over 10,000 subscribers to its YouTube Channel. That is pretty impressive.
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta YouTube Channel takes the emotional issue of ill children and paints an uplifting and hopeful picture. While it has its share of informative videos, it excels at videos featuring smiling and healing children with a focus on their seemingly never-ending optimism. An uplifting video entitled “Every Child Deserves..” has received almost 12,000 views in just a few months.

While you won’t see “viral video” type numbers on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta YouTube Channel, one has to keep in mind their viewers are very targeted. The hospital uses the videos to closely engage with the community, their patients, and their families in a very emotional way.
The Common Threads
When watching these videos from United States Hospitals, you’ll notice some common denominators. The videos are well produced, and live up to the professional image of a medical facility. The videos are mainly kept brief, usually under 3 minutes. There are exceptions of course, but these hospitals recognize that, for the most part, it is how, not how much.
Multiple Benefits of Hospitals Using Video Content
Hospitals who are successful at using videos use this multi-pronged approach to reach out to their communities. You’ll also recognize that they are using videos to convey a variety of messages. They use them to announce fundraising campaigns and to introduce staff. The videos do an excellent job at positioning their brand by highlighting their achievements.
They are used to telling personal patient stories as well as helping patients explain their procedures to family and friends. This has shown to improve overall patient experience and increase exposure.
If you have questions about how videos can enhance the image and branding of your medical facility, please contact us to learn more.

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