What Universities can do to Recruit and Retain Talented Educators

June 23, 2014
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Competition is fierce when it comes to attracting and hiring the best educators. The fact that only about 16% of the work force is currently engaged in actively looking for a job and that these active job seekers offer some disadvantages, it is important to be attractive to those university educators that are not actively seeking a new job. Fortunately, there are a number of ways universities can use to capture their attention, enabling them to recruit and retain university educators.

1. Use Videos for Educator Retention

Video enables universities to highlight and effectively communicate the great things that occur at the university. Some examples of events that can show the culture of a particular university include grants, research, awards and other types of projects. These videos allow potential educators to feel like they are part of the university’s success and let them begin to build connections with other staff members.
One idea is to use videos to ‘shadow’ an educator that is in a similar role that is being filled. By doing so, applicants to these positions are able to get a real feel for what a typical day in the life of a university educator might be like. Using videos is a cost effective way to engage the senses and provide an entertaining way to show potential educators firsthand the unique culture of a university.
Videos are also a great tool to use when training university educators. Supporting educators and making their jobs easier is a crucial aspect of retaining the best university educators. In addition, video can be used to inform and encourage educators to take advantage of the many different services and advantages that are in place for those who are working at that particular university.

2. Create a Fun and Engaging Classroom Environment

The students of today need to be fully engaged in order to learn their best. Creative use of videos within the classroom enables educators to bring engaging content laced with fun to their classrooms. This amps up the entertainment value of the entire class by tying the curriculum together with videos. Using videos can make even those classes that typically contain material that is deemed to be dull and boring seem exciting and engaging to students. Doing so often serves to put the student right in the middle of the action.

3. Simplify the Application Process

Often the best and most talented university educators are those that already hold positions elsewhere. These educators are busy people. Not only do have they have their responsibilities at work to contend with, they also have personal lives which demand their full attention. Simplifying the application process can make it much easier for them to fit into their busy schedule. Providing a short video outlining the steps they can expect, particularly for those universities that fall outside the typical model, can go a long way toward giving applicants a time line they can use.

4. Offer a System for Easily Using Video in the Classroom

Utilizing the technology that is available today serves a number of purposes. An enhanced classroom taps into the tendency of today’s students to not only appreciate these tools, but to find them necessary to function well throughout each day. Meshing traditional teaching methods, such as lectures and blackboard writing, with relevant and engaging videos takes dry subject and applies them to everyday life.
The students of today are often not the only ones who appreciate technology. Many university educators thrive on the exciting and ever changing atmosphere that involves using technology in almost every sphere of life today. Integrating equipment, such as tablets, laptops and audio-visual equipment, into daily lesson planning helps give university educators the freedom and flexibility they need to reach their fullest potential. This sense of encouragement and appreciation makes a university more attractive to other potential university educators as well.

5. Attract Top Educators with Recruitment Videos

It’s always a challenge to draw in the best educators. Video can be just what you need to help them understand why they would want to work at your university. Consider promoting specific positions by including a testimonial from another educator. Showcase the many benefits and rich culture of taking up a position. Tell a story of an exciting project that your current employees get to work on. Using a recruitment video has been a successful way of attracting new and talented educators.


Being able to recruit and retain university educators allows a school of higher learning to grow and thrive. Only by utilizing the best talent in the field of education can a university reach its full potential. Tapping into that talent enables a university to attract other top educators as well. Overall, universities using video to capture the attention of top educators will have a significant advantage.

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