How universities and TAFEs are using video to engage their students and staff.

February 24, 2017
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In almost every industry we are constantly seeing new and exciting ways a marketing team can leverage video’s capabilities to further aid, inform and engage their audience. There is no industry that this is truer of than Education. Universities and TAFEs are on a mission to engage students, staff and the public at every turn and it looks like it’s working.
Here’s how they are doing it:

  1. Getting in early:

Your experience of something has always been largely defined by your very first interaction, as such we are seeing so many welcome videos from Universities and TAFEs. These pieces of content are often customised to include the students name.

  1. Developing a sense of community:

Feeling like you belong at an institution is vitally important, particularly in education. You want to feel like you are part of something bigger and that you’re all working hard toward the same thing. It aids greatly in retention and loyalty is key to achieving the best results possible from both students and staff.

  1. Providing useful information and helpful tips:

If staff and students know that their University or TAFE will be there at every turn to help them, they are more likely to engage with the institution and be more satisfied their work over all.

  1. Celebrating their successes:

To know that the university you’re apart of is achieving great things is inspiring for students and encouraging for staff.

  1. Showing that they are constantly pushing to improve:

Accepting that there is room for improvement can sometimes be tough, but what it does show is that you care and are constantly striving for something better:

Video is more accessible than ever before and there seems no end to the ways you can use it to engage with staff, students and the public at large.
At Creativa we can help you create content that reflects your institution and engages your target audience in an appealing and meaningful way.

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