Is Your University Ready to Recruit Generation Z?

Millenials, Z Generation
April 26, 2017
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Why engage with “Generation Z”?


As a university, you’re constantly looking for how to engage students at open days. But are you missing out on the latest generation that’s coming through the system — Generation Z?

Everyone’s always talking about the Millennials — whether it’s how to engage them or what they’re expecting from their careers.
But Generation Z is entering the scene and it’s time to work out what this group of students want, too.


Millennials vs. Generation Z


When it came to recruiting Millennials, there were several challenges. Often considered “chameleon consumers”, you can’t  characterise them.

Even though there are some similarities between these students and the up-and-coming Generation Z, there are some new challenges that will need facing. Generation Z is the young, fresh student who was born between 1995 and 2010.

Now, it’s all about intuitive, quick communication that gets rid of pointless precision. However, this generation is also savvy about privacy, perhaps more so than any other generation. This raises the need for anonymous communication tools that have no trailing news feed. Whisper, Secret, and Snapchat are the chosen tools for this generation — not Facebook.
Understanding the attitudes, needs, and wants in their lives and careers is the key to recruiting Generation Z.


How to Engage Generation Z  – 4 tips (with examples)


As you prepare to start recruiting Generation Z, here are a few things to bear in mind:

1 – Engage them from the Start



It’s crucial you start building a brand and message for these students from the beginning of their university journey. Your strategy should include entertaining, digestible content that resonates with them. Think social media channels, YouTube videos, and testimonials from former and current students.



2 – Convey Experiences


In today’s connected world, we’re constantly provided with an insight into other people’s lives and their experiences. And when Generation Z is looking for their next university, they’re looking for examples of these experiences.

Use engaging YouTube videos and social media accounts to capture the spirit of open days, move-in days, induction ceremonies, and first days — experiences that put a smile on everyone’s face.



3 – Use Transparent Communication Techniques


When it comes to communication, Generation Z are looking for authoritative, transparent messages. This means once they’ve found out what you can do for them, they want to know if you are “real”.

Using honest, open messages from current students they can relate to will add to the authority of your messages — and this is key.



4 – Incorporate Technology


Generation Z has grown up with technology at their fingertips, which means they’ve created a whole new way of communicating. Instead of words, they use emoji’s, and instead of Google, they use YouTube. When they want to know something, they look for a visual answer.

They want to learn from technology with communication that can support their on-the-go nature.


Here is a very interesting video about Gen Z: in Their Words



When you’re recruiting Generation Z, you need to be in all the places they are without being intrusive. Your communication techniques need to mirror these social platforms, using personal, social messages that resonate with them.

When it comes to change — Generation Z are expecting it!

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