Using Video to Change Traditional HR Practices

January 18, 2017
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Picture the Human Resources department of 20, 10 or—in some unfortunate cases—even 5 years ago. Are you seeing stacks of paper, towering file cabinets, and a bottomless supply of inefficiently designed tasks? Today’s HR departments have been revolutionised by technology, making them better organised, more effective, and better able to accomplish their fundamental purpose—to communicate with people and guide company culture. Video technology, in particular, has had far-reaching effects on the ways in which businesses can reach recruits and employees on a human level, lending a virtual face-to-face interaction to every step on the way to success.
Finding the right people
Technology has changed the world of recruiting by allowing businesses to reach huge audiences with single job posts. Rather than losing readers’ interest with lengthy pages of explanation, a short video can deliver the position description and also set a fun, approachable tone.
Interviewing has been made immensely easier with video technology as well. Rather than being limited by location, video interviewing gives businesses the flexibility to interview the candidates they want, regardless of geography. Well-designed video presentations can set the tone for the interview and let both sides learn about each other.
Making training fun—and efficient
For large companies, working directly with each new hire for training would be extremely time consuming and nearly impossible. What’s the answer to how to instill vital company knowledge in a way that saves time and helps trainees retain what they learn? Delivering the information through easy-to-understand videos. These “virtual classrooms” help new hires to learn what they need to know and feel a part of company culture without the loss of time and resources associated with outdated training models.
For example, consider this Deakin University induction video that teaches as it makes viewers feel welcome.
Keeping things running smoothly
Even after the right employee has been hired and trained, videos can assist with ongoing support. From performance reviews to employee feedback, technology is making organisational processes easier. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of ongoing communication between employees and management, and videos make those interactions easier. Checking in with employees who are struggling is especially crucial, according to research by the Australian HR Institute. Consider, for example, this video explaining how to help workers who may be struggling with mental health issues.

What HR hurdles will your organisation be leaping over in 2017? Creativa can help you find workable solutions to streamline your processes and improve your business’s efficiency through the use of video technology. Contact us at1300 901 858 to discuss options.

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