Using Videos to Motivate Employees

August 9, 2016
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Videos are an excellent way to communicate a message to employees using visuals, sound and text. Videos are also becoming an effective way to motivate and train employees. Statistics show 38 percent of companies are currently using videos to educate and train their staff while 35 percent are using it to communicate internally. On the employee side of things, an article published by Inc. in 2014 shows that 92 percent of employees are in favour of visual communication.
Using videos to motivate and educate your employees can have the following benefits to your company:

  1. Employees become more connected with the business and are more likely to embrace new management strategies.
  2. Videos improve understanding of the intended message and everyone speaks the same language to customers thus improving consistency of the message being delivered.
  3. Training videos or explainer videos can help explain new strategies or processes introduced by the company to improve employee understanding or show the effects of an employee action.
  4. Videos avoid duplication, of having to explain the same process to different groups of employees, it’s a cost-efficient means of communication when employees are remote, and can help in improving communication between employees and management.

Theory in action
Creativa was approached by LaTrobe University, Melbourne to make an explainer video about its new performance system utilising Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a metric for measuring customer loyalty and is based on the premise that every business has three types of customers; Promoter, Passive and Detractor. These customers are grouped into these 3 categories based on what score they assign to the company on a scale of 1 to 10. For example, if the majority score falls into a 9 or 10, your customers are ‘promoters’ who are brand loyal, enthusiastic and happily share your products with their friends and families…Complicated right? This is why you need a video!
The University wanted to know how engaged its students (their customers) were with the university, how likely they were to recommend LaTrobe University to their networks and which areas needed improvements so student satisfaction could be improved.
LaTrobe also wanted the video to explain the net promoter score (NPS) to its staff and show the link between the final score and educator attitude and performance. The video was also meant to encourage and motivate staff to do their best at all times when interacting with the students.
Customer service is and has always been a metric which sets organisations apart from each other and having motivated staff who are highly engaged with the organisation is critical. Video is emerging as one of the best ways to motivate and communicate with employees because it’s engaging, fast, effective and quick to implement.

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