What is a Video Brochure and why it will stop prospects in their tracks

Print and video are the most effective mediums for driving sales, increasing brand awareness and yielding high conversion rates – no matter what business you’re in these tools will always come in handy. They represent two extremes: the familiar and the cutting-edge.
Now imagine combining the traditional method with its modern equivalent to create a marketing powerhouse that will obliterate competitors and drive your brand forward. It’s no utopian dream – the video brochure makes it possible. And it can work for any business, whatever its size.
What is a Video Brochure?
For those of you that find the idea intriguing but have absolutely no idea how it works – it’s actually relatively simple. The video brochure is packaged in a similar way to its traditional paper-only counterpart. However, instead of opening to reveal text and images, your potential customers gets a miniature LCD screen. The shock of seeing this state-of-the-art technology in a hand-held format is usually enough for people to hit the play button. They’re also much easier to digest compared to reading a wall of text. You can still retain the power of print by adding the most salient points in the surrounding brochure space, meaning you can combine the power of both techniques.
Video Brochure Creativa Videos
What about cost?
Most business owners are impressed by the concept, but often disregard it as an option due to cost considerations. The technology seems so advanced, that it’s just assumed to be expensive. This couldn’t be more wrong. Video brochures are surprisingly affordable and considering the return on investment, it should not be considered cost prohibitive. Your conversion rates will exceed those yielded by the average print brochure – you don’t need to distribute as many of them to get the results that drive profit.
Perfect for luxury items
Video brochures are built to blow away your prospects. Using the latest technology and attractive marketing techniques, the video brochure works incredibly well with high-end products such as cars or real estate. More often than not, just a single sale will cover the costs of production and design. However, video brochures usually perform much better than that – don’t be surprised if you get double or triple your usual returns on a brochure marketing campaign.
Multi-Purpose marketing tool
Your brochure doesn’t need to limit itself to mailshots. They’re also ideal for trade shows, product displays, training sessions and sales meetings. Instead of reaching one person at a time, the video brochure makes it possible to sell to a group of people instantaneously.
They can also be used to showcase physical products in-store. Imagine just how much your product will stand out if a video brochure is attached to it, rather than your bog-standard folded information sheet. People will often consider what you have to say just out of sheer curiosity, which leads to increased brand awareness as well as a potential sale. Not only that, video brochures can be changed if the situation calls for it. New marketing ideas, changes to product specs, or pricing amends can easily be implemented without needing to do another round of physical brochure prints. Simply load up the video and you’re ready to go.
No matter what the specific advantages, it ultimately does come down to ROI, and we’ve seen that businesses that are willing to push the boundaries and use the latest marketing techniques usually get the superior results. Considering video brochures aren’t expensive in the first place, it’s certainly worth trying out for a single campaign. We’re sure that you’ll never go back to the old-school methods.


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