Using Video EDMs To Recapture Your Audience

December 10, 2016
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I know I have probably given this away from the heading, but do you know which single marketing technique is responsible for a 200-300 percent higher click through rate?
Including a video in your next email marketing campaign.
Research by Hubspot found that emails containing a video had an astonishingly high click through rate.
But wait there’s more!
According to the Kissmetrics blog, when companies included video in their EDMs (email direct marketing) people spent more time reading the email, watched the video, shared and forwarded more emails to their friends.
People spending more time on email
According to Which-50, email volume is growing at 4 percent annually and by 2020, there’ll be almost 260b emails sent and received daily. A new study by Adobe’s digital marketing research division found that people are spending 17 percent more time on email compared to 2015. Email marketing still presents massive opportunities to companies wanting more active customers. According to Campaign Monitor, email has a 40 times higher success rate at getting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
Western Bulldogs case study
Theory was put into action by a recent Western Bulldogs video campaign titled ‘Lost Bulldogs…come back home’ produced with an agency but using Creativa’s personalised video technology. The aim was to get inactive members to renew their memberships and ‘come back to the kennel’.
10,000 personalised videos were sent to the database. Members were also sent to a microsite where they could create their own poster and a personalised video for their social networks.
Result? A 3-fold increase in member numbers – from 10,000 to 30,000 people.
Research has shown that human beings like personalisation because it makes them feel in control of the message – so they’re more receptive to the message including ads.
So how does using video in email marketing help you to recapture an inactive or disengaged audience?
It establishes a new connection
Video cuts through ad clutter and it does the same for email marketing campaigns. Presently, video EDMs are not used as commonly as plain text or image based emails so they often spark the receiver’s interest. They are highly personalised communication pieces and speak directly to their interests. Once you’ve got the person’s attention, they watch and like the content, they’re likely to complete the call-to-action and become more and more attentive to future messages from your brand or business.
It’s an interactive process
It’s not enough to simply insert or embed a video in an email and hope the recipient will press play. What you need to have is a strong call-to-action that gets them ‘doing’ stuff and sharing it with their friends and networks.
In the Western Bulldogs video example, members were directed to another site where they could create custom posters and videos and share on social media. The recipients became ‘ambassadors’ for the club because they were interacting with the campaign – it became a multi-way information flow rather than the Bulldogs simply asking for membership renewals. It also allowed the fans to interact with their favourite club, became another touchpoint in the campaign and boosted ownership on the part of the fans.
Communicates concisely
Video is the perfect medium to communicate a message concisely in little time. People also prefer watching videos compared to reading long pieces of content online or in their emails. You can break down a complex message into simple terms in a video and get an instant action – for example subscribing for more videos.
Video EDMs can offer insights into what’s working for your customers based on how they respond to the campaign, can be segmented to audience interests and personalised to each individual.
If you have tried a lot of the other methods to regain lost customers and they haven’t delivered the ROI you’re looking for, try adding a short video to your next campaign and watch the click through and conversion rates soar!

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