3 Reasons Why Video is the Best Medium to Explain Product Benefits

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September 27, 2014
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As marketers, we are always explaining the benefits of our products or services. Some are easy to explain while others are not.
As a customer, I feel like I am constantly dealing with companies that can’t quickly and concisely explain why I should buy their products.
Whether it is a website that’s packed with 600 words of over-complicated jargon, or a brochure that fluffs on and on, in both cases these companies are missing out on potential business because they can’t articulate their product benefits quickly enough.
In today’s hectic world, your customers don’t have time to read through your jargon and fluff. Ideally, you need to be able to show your customer why they should buy your product within two minutes – before you lose their attention. If you’re struggling to explain your product benefits, take a look at the following three reasons why you should try video.

1. Video can explain product benefits in half the time

A two-minute video can tell you all the benefits of a product that would normally take 5-10 minutes of reading. Videos help you get straight to the point and help your reader determine quickly if the product can help them. Think about it: how long does it take you to read through a company’s website to find out what they do? It might take clicking through two or three pages and lots of text.
Now, take a look at a video like this one from Wilson Parking:
In just two minutes, Wilson Parking clearly showed you the benefits of booking a car park with their online website, Book a Bay. If you were to go to their website and try to find the same information in text, it would certainly have taken you more than 10 minutes!
A video like this is perfect when you are trying to show a customer what you do and why they should use your product. Wilson Parking can use this video on their landing pages, in video advertising on YouTube and via social media. In all instances, they can reach prospective customers and communicate their message clearly and concisely whilst not losing customers’ attention.

2. Video can make it easier to understand and remember benefits

Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. We are hardwired to understand visuals better than text. We understand visuals better because they affect us both cognitively and emotionally. This is important for you because you need to communicate your product benefits as effectively as possible to your customers to avoid any confusion about what it is you do.
Furthermore, you don’t want customers to forget what you do. According to Dr. Lynell Burmark, Ph.D. Associate, your customers “remember visuals better than text because they are processed in their long-term memory.”
Let’s take another look at the Wilson parking video. I particularly like this shot:
Wilson Parking Australia
In this shot, Wilson Parking is explaining the benefits of booking car parks in advance: save time and remove the stress. By using imagery, Wilson Parking makes it a lot easier for the customer to understand these benefits because they can relate to the images. They’ll also remember these benefits more clearly because the images are stored in their long-term memory.

3. Customers want stories – not sales pitches

Customers are getting sick of the same old sales pitch. David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, says the web and social media has changed marketing forever. The future of marketing lies with the ability for marketers to harness the web to tell and show customers why their product is a good fit. This is a lot different than the old method of trying to sell and potentially pressure a customer into a sale.
Video is the perfect medium to tell a story about a product’s benefits and show why a customer might want to buy. In a video, you have the ability to take the customer through a journey and use visuals to appeal to their emotions. This is important because people remember good stories. Do you remember the story about the incy wincy little spider? What happened to the spider? It went up the water spout! You remember the details of what happened because it was told to you in the story. If that story was just a set of dot points, do you think you’d still remember it?
Wilson Parking used a story to help us better understand their product benefits. In the video, they take us through a journey – highlighting some of the challenges of finding a car park and then showing us the benefits of their product.

Stop missing out on new business because you can’t explain benefits

Your customers don’t have the time or patience to dig through your marketing communications to understand what you do and what benefits you provide. If they can’t find this information quickly, they will look elsewhere.
I challenge you to consider video as a medium to help communicate your product benefits more quickly and concisely. Be respectful of your customers’ time and make it as easy as possible for them to understand whether you have a product that can help them.
Your thoughts?
What did you like about the Wilson Parking video? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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