How to Use Videos to Differentiate Your Brand and Business

January 19, 2017
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Videos are incredibly effective tools for setting yourself apart from your competition because they grab viewers’ attention, immerse them into your brand story and leave a lasting imprint on viewers’ memory. In fact, 80% of viewers recall a video ad they watched in the past month, according to Online Publishers Association.
A well-branded video message should take people on a journey and leave an impact. When done well, video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%, according to Unruly. Here’s how to reach your branding goals through video.
Communicate a broader message
What do you stand for? Is it creativity, innovation, freedom, trust, or something else? Videos reach people on an emotional level, and they’re a great way to communicate your values.
Take a chance on humour
Making fun of yourself is a surprisingly effective marketing technique. What do your detractors say about you? Take control of the message by owning it and turning it on its head through video.
Let your fans guide you
Give the people what they want! Use videos as responses to social media feedback, or ask your audience to create their own videos about how and why they like your product or service. You could even run a contest to solicit user-generated video footage and then edit that footage into something larger.
Share expert opinions
Let the thought leaders in your field lend their credibility to your brand by sharing their message in a short video clip. Industry jargon can be dry and difficult to share with a wider audience, and video makes it more digestible.
Or, use explainer videos to inform viewers about complicated concepts that are hard to explain. For instance, consider this City of Port Phillip Council video about preparedness for extreme weather.

Control the length
Short and sweet has the biggest effect. Make your video too long, or put the climax of your branding message near the end, and people might not see it. 45% of your audience will stop watching a video after 1 minute, and 60% of people stop watching by 2 minutes, according to Visible Measures.
Consider personalisation
Catch attention by using people’s names and other individual details. Research in 2015 found personalised video campaigns generated anywhere from 200-1500% increases in click-through and conversion rates. Personalised video is truly the wave of the future.
Branding is all about telling your audience who you are—but it can’t be effective if they’re not listening. Videos get noticed, hold peoples’ attention and leave a lasting impact. If you’re not sure how to best use video to communicate your brand, Creativa Videos can show you some options that have worked for other brands in the past. Contact us today to strategise solutions for reaching your video marketing goals.

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