Why Videos Go Viral

Why-Videos-Go-Viral-Image-310314 - Creativa - Videos
Why-Videos-Go-Viral-Image-310314 - Creativa - Videos
March 31, 2014
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Viral videos – we all hear about them, we all watch them, and many of us wish we had one. YouTube is a quick and cheap method of getting a message out to the public, whether you’re a budding music artist or someone looking for a little brand recognition. However, just because the barrier to entry is low, it certainly doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed success and high exposure.
There are over 48 hours of video being added to YouTube every single hour. Only a tiny percentage of these ever get close to going viral. So how do you set yourself apart? Is there a way of getting anyone other than your mum and the next-door neighbour to check out your creation?
Your video could be a hands-down home run: engaging, funny, with a message, something worth watching from beginning to end. But all of this means nothing if there is no audience to watch your video – if no one knows it even exists. This is where we are introduced to tastemakers – online trendsetters – when these ‘tastemakers’ say something – everybody listens and follows.
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