Videos that Explain while they Entertain: How smart businesses use Explainer Videos to boost their success

August 21, 2012
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We’ve discussed at great length the virtues and benefits of incorporating web video into your business’s marketing and communication strategies. One of the most crucial and powerful types of web video you’ll come across is the ‘explainer video.’
Successful start-ups and established organisations understand how explainer videos can make a real difference in delivering their message and brand information to the market. In many cases, they’re a huge contributing factor to their success.
When people arrive to your site, they’ll want to know a few things straight up—what you do, how you do it and what they stand to gain from you. They need to know this as fast and efficiently as possible. Here’s where explainer videos become slick and powerful tools.
Explainer videos distill heaps of information in one hit, and if done well, entertain your audience while delivering them the key info that you want them to know. This could be about the broader vision of your business, the story you’re telling about the brand, or information about new products, concepts and strategies that you’re planning to roll out.
Explainer videos give your audience what it wants—precision info that entertains while it explains.
Plus, the power of the explainer video extends far beyond your website frontpage. Using savvy Video Search Engine Optimisation, your video can help generate more traffic and bring a wider audience to your site. It can be repurposed in lots of different ways too— for example, as an email signature, an intro clip for pitch meetings and a way of delivering information to staff across all departments.
Perhaps most importantly, explainer videos can be effortlessly looped, tweeted and reposted on social media channels by the fans of your brand. As Rico Andrade of Techcrunch suggests, explainer videos are the best way to get your audience to evangelize your product. They help build buzz about your business, create interest and momentum and help more and more people find out about how great your brand is and how it can serve them.
Creative, slick and expertly made videos are the ones that make a difference. Find out how your business can incorporate explainer videos and boost its long-term success by chatting with the experts at Creativa Web Videos on 1300 90 18 58.

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