Virality needs some serious seeding first

March 21, 2013
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A great video is just the beginning, but it is not enough. Nowadays, the competition for online video marketing is fierce, and these do not survive just on their own merits, they definitely need some extra help. Brands want to get video exposed to users on top blogs, video sites, and social networks, for they believe it is meant to be seen, shared, and talked about. So, in order to make your video go viral and get the conversation started, you need to do your homework and spread the seeds first.
Video seeding on the web is a way to get brand videos viewed by users on video sites,
blogs and social networks. It relies on a combination of digital PR, on-site and word-of-
mouth marketing to get videos viewed.
According to Josh Warner, president and founder of Feed Company, major advertisers,
including Nike, Ford, and Microsoft, are using the marketing practice of video seeding
to reach online users with brand videos longer than the 15 or 30-seconds required by
pre-roll video ads. Video seeding reaches online audiences in environments that are
inherently more social (YouTube, Facebook, blogs, mobile) than commercial. This helps
the brand video and its message get passed along by more users than a traditional
display video ad. And it also differentiates the message from irritating spam. User
choice and share-ability are why video seeding is well considered by users and
advertisers. Both help audiences connect more deeply with video that seems more fun
than commercial.
Here are 5 essential steps to give your video the very best chance of success:
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Optimise the videos for search
Whether you’re hosting your video on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video site it is
crucial to optimise it for search in order to maximise the number of video views.
It is crucial to think about what keywords you use in the titles and descriptions when
uploading your video. At the outset you must carry out keyword research in order to
uncover niches in the targeted terms. The Title is very important to SEO. Make sure it
grabs the attention of your target audience and use high volume keywords. The video
description should explain exactly what is being shown in the video. Tagging your
videos allows you to choose a range of words or phrases that will help search engines
and your audience to find your video.
Use social bookmarking tools
Submitting your videos to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon
is an extremely useful way to set in motion your video seeding campaign. During the
initial launch of the campaign these sites can help to drive increased traffic to your
Maximise organic growth
For brands social media is all about creating compelling content that has great viral
potential, content that fans want to talk about and share. The more creative and
innovative you can be the more inclined your audience will be to share your content
and engage with the brand.
Use advertising
While organic growth and manual seeding are powerful ways to boost the number of
views your video receives social advertising is also an extremely effective way to reach
specific audience groups.
Blogger outreach
Working with prominent bloggers you can connect with targeted groups of consumers
who you know are interested in your offering and are receptive to your messages
– this will guarantee your brand word of mouth recommendations across key
With access to influential, relevant and trusted influencers you will be able to
successfully drive traffic to your video and leverage the passion and enthusiasm of the
target audience and amplify the reach of your video.
And what does the future behold for seeding? Creativity is a must. As well as
experimenting with every new social platform that appears. There still remain plenty
of ways to engage audiences on the social video web.
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