What are Motion Graphics Videos and how can they tell your story

November 26, 2013
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What are Motion Graphics Video and why is everybody loving them?

Are you looking to represent your brand’s story and message and need an entertaining, engaging, yet informative approach to presenting it to your audience? Have you ever watched one of those videos that include different forms of animation to give a viewer the idea that a static object is moving or rotating? If so, you have already witnessed the beauty of motion graphic video, which allows the creator of the video to provide users with an enhanced watching experience by adding movement to objects that would normally remain fixed on the screen.
These effects are usually highlighted with music or sound, which provides a heightened sensation of an all-encompassing experience. It is this effect that is holding people’s attention, and bringing them back to watch the video over and over. In turn this allows you, the creator, to effectively get a targeted message about your company across to an ever increasing number of people.
What is the purpose of Motion Graphics Animation?
Motion graphics videos are built to be engaging, informative and easy to watch, combining moving images, text, animation and music to explain a message, promote a service or to tell a story.
Motion graphics animation plays a large role in the social media revolution, and allows business owners and creators to reach a larger audience than ever before. Motion graphics animation can be used for anything from delivering information to an audience, promoting your business, selling a product or conveying your message, to even creating one of the biggest marketing campaigns imaginable; all at a very low cost in comparison to more traditional methods.
Motion graphics animation videos can be used as a form of product advertisement on YouTube, or as a way to send a poignant message on Facebook or Twitter, as well as becoming part of your email signature. With motion graphics videos, the sky is the limit, and only your imagination can tell you how far this concept can be taken.
Check out this great example which combines kinetic text and motion graphics to inform the audience of what we now know as the ‘social media revolution’, and with over 1 million views – they’re doing something right.

What is Kinetic Text Video?
Kinetic text video is closely related to the principle of motion graphics, with the exception that text is used in place of images or objects. The end result is a combination of fully dynamic sentences used to relay a message in a manner that keeps the attention of the viewer fixed on the screen as the message is absorbed and assimilated, while creating an expectation of what is to come.
What can you do with all this?
As previously mentioned, there is no fixed limit on what you can do with motion graphics and kinetic text. People are visual and in general terms, we prefer to read short amounts of text presented in a visual manner. If we then match text with some interesting images to further paint a visual picture in the viewer’s mind – then even better. By presenting short statements about your company or service you are keeping the viewer engaged and an engaged viewer is one more likely to buy!
The best part of it is that you no longer have to thousands of dollars on a Grand Final commercial to reach the audience you want. You now have the power of social media at your fingertips, and the time has come to let your contacts do the talking, as you provide one of the most wonderful imaging experiences to date. Motion graphics is ‘your story or your message in motion.’ And everyone has a story to tell.

Real potential for real results
The perfect combination of music, image, text, and movement can raise goose bumps on your skin like few other experiences can. In a world that has become a stranger to new sensations, motion graphic videos are sure to hit the spot with advertisers.
More and more people today rely on the internet and social media to receive their information and find new products to buy. It is this growing trend that allows the potential of motion graphics to increase your exposure in an exponential manner, and because people have stopped trusting traditional advertisement, and would rather get a recommendation directly from their friends, this is the best way to reach your target audience. It’s time to bring the future to life, and create motion and excitement where none existed before, and with motion graphic video, you can now reach out and touch the minds of millions. Are you willing to give it a shot?

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