Whats up #4 Muted – How to create an impression without saying a word

July 31, 2012
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Our imaginations are the most powerful tools we posses. How many times have you gone to the cinema to see a movie and then been disappointed because it wasn’t as good as the book? More than a few I would guess. The issue that film makers face is more one of matching expectations and that is almost impossible because our experience with a book is deeply personal and the projections we place on characters are unique.
Believe it or not many businesses face similar problems with their marketing or advertising. By presenting a product or service in a certain light, by choosing a man or a woman to deliver a message or by targeting a certain demographic with a dialogue or style choice we risk alienating large sectors of our potential market, and what about those people who don’t speak your language?
It is all about context, but what if we had the power to allow our audience to create their own context? Sounds too good to be true? well it sounds to me like we need to look more closely at sounds in general.
What do I mean by that you might well ask. Imagine a video is like a book except we have movement and audio, all of a sudden we have a richer more in-depth experience except we have lost a little of the magic because our imaginations have less to well imagine… but what if we removed the speech and replaced it with text or music or sound effects?
What you have now is potentially a richer, more engaging experience plus you get to use your imagination for the context. It’s no wonder that more video and film is exploring the richness of a product with no talking.
Now imagine using this idea to make your next video appeal to a wider (potentially world wide) audience

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