Why a High Bounce Rate is Awesome for your business!

September 25, 2012
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A Bounce is described by Google as a visitor who leaves the site from the page they entered on. Meaning that they enter your site and then leave from the same page without going to another page or triggering an action.
According to Inc.com article: “As a rule of thumb, a 50 percent bounce rate is average. If you surpass 60 percent, you should be concerned. If you’re in excess of 80 percent, you’ve got a major problem.(Wikepedia article on Bounce Rates)
It’s not often that I disagree with Wikepedia or Inc.com but I have to say, the quote above represents some very old school thinking. There are a number of great reasons why a page may have a high bounce rate and these can range from blog sites, where people only want to see the latest post, to single task landing pages, contact pages or even pages with video… especially pages with videos.
But why would a page with a web video have a high bounce rate? I hear you ask, and how could that possibly be awesome? These are all excellent questions and to illustrate, we here at the Creativa web video internet science department* have developed the following diagram.
So you can see how there is a direct correlation between having a clear action path”, clear call to actionand contact, call or email”, well imagine the clear action path was a web video and within the video was all the information a customer needed to make a decision regarding your products or services. They watch the video where you also tell them what to do next and because you have a contact number on every page of your site, it’s easy for them to simply pick up the phone and give you a call. You get a sale but your site records a very high bounce rate, should you be concerned?
The long and the short of it is bounce is really only one of many indicators of website performance, and while it is tempting to tweak and try to improve bounce rates it is generally more important to focus on conversion and of course… sales.
So if you have an awesome web video on your home or landing page, you may just have a high bounce rate and I bet you’re probably laughing all the way to the bank. And if you don’t? well you might need to consider adding videos soon.
*not a real thing…

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