Why Explainer Videos will increase your sales by 20%

January 15, 2014
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To many of you it won’t come as a surprise that videos have the potential of increasing sales – after all, just by watching TV you’re constantly being bombarded with ads. But those are just your average sales pitches. We’re going to introduce you to the so-called ‘explainer video’. This unconventional type of video can be even more powerful than those that have been obviously crafted to sell. In fact, they can skyrocket conversions by a tantalising 20%!
So what are Explainer Videos exactly?
Explainer videos are exactly what it says on the tin – they are designed to ‘explain’ something – whether it’s the nature of a business, a new product concept, or details on how a given service works.
But it’s not just about the explanation itself – it’s about injecting a little bit of creativity to the entire process by using music, cartoons, or high quality graphics, for example. The reason these make the best explainer videos is that they combine a useful message with something that will pique your target market’s interest.
Using explainer videos is far more effective than your average ‘wall of text’ you find on some websites – and the figures are there to back this claim up.
Rypple (now known as work.com), which runs a social performance management platform, managed to drive conversions up by 20% simply by adding an explainer video to their website.
Explainer videos don’t just increase sales, they also lead to more traffic. Research by Marketing Sherpa has shown that videos can attract up to 300% more traffic. In 2010, Implix ran a survey that showed videos in emails have the potential of increasing click-through rates by 96%. Videos are also great for generating links for SEO – a study by Moz, one of the leading search engine optimisation firms, showed that people are 3x more likely to link to you if you have a video on your website.
Right, that’s enough of the number crunching and the why of explainer videos – let’s get straight to some working examples. These are real videos that are currently live and adding a tidy sum to the bottom line of businesses, just like yours.
Direct-Link Finance: Breaking down the customer barrier to entry

Direct-Link Finance is a mortgage service that on face value seems like any other mortgage broker. They knew their business was different but were faced with the problem of how to explain this to prospects before they get the opportunity of meeting prospects face to face.
They had some unique benefits they felt would help attract customers, such as offering half their commission back to the client, but the impact of these benefits was largely lost in the text and images of their website. They wanted something that would stand out and entertain while they gave their business pitch; an animated explainer video turned out to be just the right solution.
They were able to demonstrate visually why they are different to a typical mortgage broker and this helped them cut through the initial barrier to entry they were faced with. It also saved them a lot of time having to explain the same concept over and over to anyone who called or emailed.
Why you need IT support in less than a minute

You may think that it’s fine and dandy for a big company like Dropbox to have an attractive explainer video that looks good to boot – not everyone has a Hollywood budget. But having an explainer video doesn’t have to be beyond the scope of any business.
In this video that we produced for Ace Infotech, we delivered the core message in just 48 seconds. Using attractive cartoons we put the problem of the average computer user at the forefront – this instantly catches the attention, as most people have felt the need to throw the monitor out the window at some point!
We then explain just how Ace Infotech can solve the problem quickly and effectively, without the need to use multiple contractors. This not only saves your company time, but bucket loads of money.
Now imagine how long it would have taken you to explain all of this using text content. By the time you put it all together, you’d almost have enough to submit a thesis. No one is going to read that.
To see more examples of Explainer Videos,Click Here

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