Why you haven’t made a Web Video

February 8, 2013
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In the year 2013 there are still no mass produced Jet Packs or Hover Cars. No one (that we know of) has travelled here in a converted Delorean and the closest you have come to a space odyssey is trying to find somewhere to park the car on the weekend. So what does this have to do with web video? Well somewhere deep in the back of our minds and held tightly in our heart of hearts is the secret hope and belief that things like this will actually happen. Why? Because only when these things happen, will we truly know that the future has arrived. Then we can start to wrap our heads around things like the internet, new technology, Facebook and other stuff that is currently distracting us from doing business. It’s bad enough that we have to spend hours going through all these emails right?
Well I’m going to make a bold prediction… The future is all around you, the internet is not a fad, social media is here to stay and while the platforms may shift, the concept is sound. Smart phones are going to keep getting smarter and as broadband speed and wifi accessibility improves, these will become the default device for accessing the net and conducting retail or purchasing research.
So call your printer and cancel that order for 20,000 hi gloss brochures and stop fooling yourself by believing that your customers aren’t online. BUILD A FREAKING WEBSITE already. And then build a better one because the first wasn’t designed for Mobile, and then forget about websites and concentrate on APPS; but most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough – MAKE A VIDEO! If I can watch a video and learn about your product or service, have my questions answered and be reassured that you are a reputable business then I am much more likely to follow up with an enquiry. Better still, a video doesn’t just have to sit on your website. It can be shared on social media, attached to your email signatures, found on YouTube via Google Search, and your sales team can even take it to show clients on a tablet or laptop. Best of all it works on mobile!
But there are still no Jet Packs, so you keep putting flyers in letterboxes and each year you get excited by the soft thud on your doorstep as the latest yellow pages arrives with your quarter page ad which is surprisingly getting cheaper. Then as you twiddle your thumbs waiting for the phone to ring, you wonder why someone has emailed you an article called why you haven’t made a web video”

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