You Will Never Again See an Ad for a 1993 Volvo Like This!

May 26, 2014
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We always keep our eyes peeled to find inspiring creativity, new trends, and viral videos that are causing a stir. And after watching a deliciously creative ad from Sweden, we surprisingly found ourselves wanting to get behind the wheel of an old Volvo 245GL 93′!

Christoffer Castor, an art director based in Malm’, Sweden, released an advertisement for his second-hand Volvo just a few days ago. In just under a week, the video has amassed an impressive 1.4-million+ views. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are talking about inen masse. But why the fuss about a car that’s over two decades old?


It’s all about the quality of the video. It’s a high quality production, has a fantastic injection of humour, and the tune playing in the background is catchy. The recipe has been executed to perfection. The Volvo itself is a bit of a banger, but Castor’s description of it being a ‘masterpiece of kinetic energy’ and ‘equipped with both an inside and an outside’ almost convinces you to whip out your credit card.

Now the reason for putting this video in the spotlight isn’t just for its entertainment value (though that’s a nice additional bonus). But what we’d really like to emphasise is just how important production values are when selling a product and how a little bit of creative thinking can take you a long way.

Best Product Ever, Sales = 0′

You could be the next Edison, Franklin, or Galileo (or any other inventor great inventor you can find on Google) ‘ but without a solid sales pitch, your ‘next big thing’ is never going to get off those starting blocks. The first step towards selling is grasping the concept that the way you market your product makes the all-important difference between popping the champagne and going back to the drawing board.

Big Budget Not a Necessity’

Some business owners claim that while they agree that marketing is important, they simply can’t afford it. But these days, that myth just doesn’t have a leg to stand on. You don’t need a Hollywood budget to create an ad that will convince people to buy into your brand and products.

Creativity Beats Dollars

The key is in leveraging your creativity. Do something different. Castor’s video has excellent production values, a true sense of flair, and a touch of eccentricity that makes people take notice. And we can guarantee his budget was minimal.

We’re not saying your marketing should always go far beyond convention, but try and think outside the box and the results will be more than satisfying. You can use a variety of software programs, clever camera work, and a little bit of humour to produce advertisements that look the part ‘ and you won’t need to re-mortgage your home to make it happen.

Now we don’t know whether the Volvo has sold yet, but can guarantee that it’s going to get a lot more interest than if Christoffer Castor had simply created your run-of-the-mill eBay ad. Now it’s your turn ‘ reinvent your marketing strategy, add a little spice to your product, and watch those sales figures soar.

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