YouTube to become Pay Per Tube?

According to the rumour mills this week YouTube is about to start charging you, the user, a subscription fee to view certain content on the platform. This is an old rumour and there is nothing new in any of the reports I’ve read to suggest this is any closer to happening than it was last year. It’s not like YouTube doesn’t already have its hands full with the impending one channel roll out, they are also allegedly planning to launch a rival to Spotify. At this stage there are plenty of undisclosed sources and YouTube representativestalking to lots of different news outlets, which adds no weight at all to the story.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a safe bet that YouTube will eventually create more tools to allow the content generators multiple opportunities to monetise their channels and this may include subscriptions. This could also potentially serve to entice music labels and some of the more traditional TV production companies to begin making content specifically for YouTube. In the meantime however, an undisclosed source has just informed me that I may have won $250million dollars in a lottery I don’t remember entering, so on that note… so long suckers!

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