Personalised Videos The New Big Thing In Client Engagement

Personalised videos are at the top of the list of client engagement tools this year, many companies have successfully used these to engage and interact with their customers, increase sales, improve email open rates and social media followers.
There’s a scientific explanation for why personalisation is so popular: A University of Texas study found personalisation plays into our desire to control something. It also made the person more open to advertising because they felt involved in the creation of the video. With the average consumer being bombarded by over 250 marketing messages daily creating personalised videos is an effective way to cut through this clutter.
This new way to engage with audiences has already been embraced by the super industry with many super-funds now delivering their statements as videos. Universities, telcos and insurance companies have also enjoyed the wow factor generated by being able to personalise each video to deliver letters of offers, invitations to open days & orientation week, first bill explainers, quotes, and on-boarding videos.

Let’s look at the personalised  super video statements in more detail:
For the last 3 years Unisuper, one of Creativa’s clients, has been using personalised videos to encourage their members to open their superannuation statements. Historically, fund members found it difficult to read these statements because of a lack of understanding, ignored them because they found them boring and complicated hence missing many important announcements related to their accounts.
The solution was to craft hundreds of thousands of personalised video statements (one for each fund member)  with detailed information on fund balance, contributions and fees and a very targeted call to action based on the member’s history with the fund. The videos also featured a balance evolution chart and a colour scheme selection based on the member’s age.
The portal login rate almost doubled when members were told of the video statements in their emails and over 85 percent of members who pressed play to watch their video statements watched the entire 90-120 seconds video. Customer satisfaction with statements also improved with many members saying the videos helped them understand their statements, click through rates were higher for those emails with the video attached and it helped the client explain a complex topic in a better and more relevant way using text, graphics, audio and video components to break down the jargon.
With over 90 percent of marketers in favour of individualising marketing messages and people preferring to watch videos over other forms of communication, personalised videos are set to become the most effective way to engage with your audience at a more personal level.
Want to find out more, visit this site.
Try this personalised video and see one in action!


  • Peter Sinclair says:

    Believe a complement for messaging concerning high involvement products would require the Receiver to be able to readily relate to the Messenger. This might require a genuine Messenger with experience preferred over hired talent/actors.

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