360° Virtual Tours

Be part of the action with 360° video. At Creativa, we offer full 360° video production including virtual tours and training videos. A 360° video virtual tour is a collection of 360° panoramic rotating images, “stitched” together to form a full, 360° video view of a location. Take your audience on a journey without having to leave their device and immerse them in a world of your making using 360 degree video. This new but emerging media will put you on the forefront of video marketing.

With 360° video content, viewers can test drive, fly or teleport. Maximise engagement with 360° video simulations, or increase immersion with 360 degree tours.

Perfect for guided tours, training, or narrative or brand experiences, 360° video is a breathtaking new way to thrill and engage viewers. Curious about 360° video?

CQUniversity Tour

Travelling across Australia with a 360 degree camera, we produced a series of 360 degree virtual tours showing all that CQUniversity's campuses offer. These virtual tours were an effective way of showcasing the facilities and possibilities for potential students and even new staff.
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An interactive 360 degree video produced for car manufacturer Nissan allows viewers to explore all the features in their brand new car - an internal and external virtual tour for potential customers, and a great asset for Nissan’s salespeople.
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Creativa provides complete video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies nationwide, specialising in creating content that engages Aussie audiences. Working with local crews dotted around the country to capture live-action video footage, we manage all the coordination for you. Whatever type of video you need, we’ve got you covered.