Some ideas of what you can use your web videos for:


There are an infinite variety of content that can be used to create online videos, here is a list of the most common uses that proved to be effective for business online:

  • Education based videos – Get prospects to find you for what they need to know, educate them, create rapport, and add value to your offer.
  • Q&A – Answer the most common questions people want to know before they make a purchase decision, become “The Expert” and win the sale.
  • Showcase your product or service – Launch new products on your site and YouTube, demonstrate the benefits in the best possible way.
  • Customer Testimonials – This is the most credible form of testimonials available, create trust and win sales.
  •  Online Training – Add value to your product offering by training your customers and even prospects on how to benefit from your products & services. Even better create online training and sell the rights to watch them (new revenue stream)
  • Create an effective call to action on your site – People want things to be easy, just guide them through your website and tell them what to do next, you will be surprised on how many more conversions you can get.
  • Include videos on your Email signature – Every time you send an email to a client, prospect, friend, provider, or even your parents you will be showcasing your business, for FREE
  • Interview recognised authorities in your field, have them talking about your products, or create an industry video channel.
  • Demonstrate how to use a website or software with screen-casts videos, make short clips and add value to your offering.
  • Tell your business story, the same way you do when you are in person.
  • Have yourself interviewed, create rapport and lift your profile. Use it to promote your services with multiple keywords and dominate the YouTube Market-space.
  • More…

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